Makeup Revolution – Ultimate Blush, Light and Contour Palette | REVIEW

Hello babs! Makeup Revolution has been stepping up it’s gameeeee. I recently made a cheeky purchase on Tambeauty as they were doing a sale of over 50% off makeup items and I came across this palette that was reduced from £20 to £10 which in my opinion is an absolute bargain. This palette comes with a whopping 32 shades of various highlighter, blusher and contour shades!!!


The palette comes in a sleek and thin plastic form which has a clear lid so that you can see every shade from first look. On the lid it has the name of the product in rose gold lettering on a black background. Each shade is sectioned off so that you can see each one individually. The lid locks with a click which ensures security for the product, which is good as it won’t just fly open when handled and inside the palette there is a small square mirror in the middle of the lid.


(I will show you swatches of all 32 shades in the palette, one in normal daylight and one with the flash on)

Lets start with the highlight shades shall we…

Now as I am a SUCKER for highlight, these shades were not the best I had come across… don’t get me wrong they are lovely shades but they are not as blinding for me as I had hoped. If you like a subtle highlight then you will definitely like these as the pigment is there but if you’re a person who likes to GLOW TO THE GODS, let me tell you… this would not do the trick.

Blush timeeee…

My favourite thing about this palette is that you get 2 rows each with 8 shades of blush in them so you will never be stuck for choice! The first row has more pinky shades whereas the second row is your more peach and red tone shades. A few of the blush shades did have quite a bit of kick up from them – the last shade on the first row, the 2nd and last shade on the second row as well but that doesn’t bother me too much. I am highly impressed with the colour variety as well, there is a shade to suit all skin tones!!

Lastly is the contour/bronzy shades…

This is just my personal preference but there are only some of the shades that I would actually be able to use… when I first looked at the palette I thought the first 2 shades would be perfect as contouring shades but boy was I wrong… they are waaay too light for my skin tone 😦 The last shade in the row however is my new favourite thing to contour with, such a good cool undertone which is perfecto for chiselling out those cheek bones. Again, I do think this has a great variety of shades which will suit all skin tones… there is even a glittery gold shade which on darker skin tones would make such a good highlight!


There are some hit and misses in the formula as there are some shades which are chalkier than others and some which are incredibly smooth to the touch, I just wish they were all consistent with each other. The pigmentation is actually really good, I dipped in 2 times for each swatch but even with 1 dip it was good… I just wanted to get the full effect for you guys haha. It is very build-able also so for those who usually have a heavy hand won’t need to worry about looking like a clown or like you’ve just slapped mud on your face lol because you are able to go on with little product to start with.

Final thoughts…

I think this is an absolute steal! Considering this was supposed to be limited edition for Christmas 2016, I am very glad that they’ve kept it around and would highly recommend this for those who are just starting out in makeup or even for those who are freelance makeup artists as this is an essential for a makeup kit!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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