E.L.F: Hydrating Face Primer | REVIEW

Hello babs! Thought I’d share with you a new primer that I have come across at the drugstore and especially now because Superdrug are stocking E.L.F products!!!!👏🏻 For a primer I do think this is quite pricey for drugstore as it costs £7.50 but I do think it is worth it in my opinion and you’ll find out why as you carry on reading…


The primer comes in a plastic blue/green ‘frosted glass’ effect container with a clear plastic lid. The lid does click shut although mine does come off very easily so not sure whether I got a dud one or whether it happens with everyones…🤷🏻‍♀️ It has black lettering on the container that states the name of the brand and the name of the product. This primer has a white pump mechanism to distribute the product.

First impressions

Some people may think that the primer will come out coloured but luckily when I first pumped it out it came out clear. To begin with I only did 1 pump of the primer but quickly noticed that this was not enough… it barely covered my face so I then had to go in with a further 2-3 pumps to finish off (this is good tho as you won’t be wasting product if it were to pump out too much) As I was applying it to the skin I noticed that it has a slight smell to the product, to me it kind of smells like plastic… but it is not overpowering, you only really notice it when it is very close to your nose. The primer has a very silky formula, it almost feels like you are putting nothing onto your skin as it is so smooth to apply… if you’re looking for a primer that has a tacky feel to it then this is not the one for you! I also noticed that it does feel very hydrating on the skin so if you’re someone who has dry skin then this will be a great primer to use under your foundation.

Final thoughts…

The only con I have to this product is that the lid doesn’t stay on properly so you would have to be careful if you were taking this in your makeup bag, this product would bd better for being in a storage draw where it doesn’t have the chance of something knocking it!

BIG PRO: I went out with my friend the other day and she used this primer in her makeup routine as well as myself and she then slept with her makeup on overnight and I’m not kidding you… she woke up and her makeup was still flawless. This is such a good primer for keeping your makeup on for a long time, if you haven’t tried it yet then you definitely should! I’m so glad Superdrug has brought E.L.F into its range as it has made it so much easier for us in the UK to get our hands on their products, yaaaay!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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