Makeup Revolution: Amazing Lipgloss – Does it live up to it’s name❓

Hello babs! Can’t believe were in August already… where is the year going??😱 To kick off the first day of August, I thought I’d come at you with another review about Makeup Revolution’s Amazing Lipgloss and whether it actually works like the name says it should… lets find out shall we?



The lipgloss come in a sleek plastic clear tube with a black screw-shut lid. On the clear tube it has rose gold writing which states the name of the brand and the name of the product next to it. It has a long white wand with a small doe foot applicator at the end of it.

First impressions

When I first looked at the lipgloss in the tube it almost looks like it has a duo-chrome effect to it but in fact it does come out clear which kinda threw me off to begin with haha! The first thing I like to do is to have a smell of a product before I apply it so that I know if it has a scent or not… this product actually smells like the refreshers sweets some of you may have had when you were kids which I personally like but if you’re someone who doesn’t like fragranced products then you may not like this one. When I first pulled the wand out of the tube I noticed that it barely picked up any product which is disappointing as it meant that I had to dip in numerous times to get the amount I wanted on my lips. The formula of the product is also very sticky which I do not like as it makes my lips stick together and it is not very pigmented/glossy! Usually when applying a lip product you swipe it over the lips but that hardly did anything for me, I soon realised that it applied better when dabbing it on but that meant that the product was not distributing evenly over the lips… From my first impression I quickly realised that I am not a fan of this product and after trying it a few times my opinion hasn’t changed!

Final thoughts…

I picked this up for £1 from Superdrug and yes although the price is good for a lipgloss I don’t really have anything good to say about this product apart from the fact it smells like sweets haha. If you’re not a fussy person and just likes to chuck a subtle gloss over a matte lip or just uses it on it’s own then you may like this but if you’re someone who likes super glossy lips then this isn’t the one for you.

So does it live up to it’s name?? In my opinion this is not an ‘amazing’ lipgloss like the name states it is and I’m actually gutted because I really do like the majority of Makeup Revolution’s products but this one was a complete miss😟

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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2 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution: Amazing Lipgloss – Does it live up to it’s name❓

    1. Yeah I know, I love MUR as a brand so much and usually love their products too but sometimes not everything can be perfect I guess haha. Thank you for reading! Xx


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