ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit✨ | REVIEW

Hello babs! Thought I would come at you today with my first highlighter review and I’ve decided to kick things off with an ABH glow kit *internal screams*. Although I don’t really know who Nicole Guerriero is… I had to purchase the palette simply for how beautiful it is haha! I purchased mine off the UK ABH website for £39 which for 6 shades of highlight… I think thats pretty good in my opinion! So, lets have a look at the beauty then shall we?


First of all, I absolutely love the packaging! The peachy pink colour is right up my alley and I love the glittery reflects it has on it ahhhhh, gorgeous!😍 The highlighters come in an almost ‘cardboard’ like packaging and on the front it has the name of the brand in black writing and the name of the collaborator in silver writing. It is very sleek and thin, the only thing I dislike is how easily the packaging can get dented… The product flips open and has a magnet mechanism to keep it shut which I like a lot as it keeps it securely shut and on the inside flap it again has the name of the brand written in black… would have preferred a mirror though, come on ABH! On the back of the packaging it has all of the product information in black writing with ‘GLOW KIT’ written in silver.


I have dipped in twice for these swatches for the effect but it definitely doesn’t need 2 swipes!!

(Without flash and with)

Kitty Kat – This shade is very pink, although the swatch makes it look intense on the face it actually comes off quite a nice pink on the face.

Forever Young – This is a hard one to describe the colour of… I almost think its like a peachyish kind of pink… very beautiful shade though and really nice on the face.

Daydream – This shade is quite orangy, I can’t pull this off myself but I’m sure it would look great for festivals or fancy dress if you wanted to add a pop of colour to the face.

Forever Lit – This is a straight up white highlight! For some reason this is very chalky and has some kick back to it whereas the others don’t… would look great as a highlight topper, adds a right pop of glow to a highlighter already on the skin.

Glo Getter – Personal favourite from the palette, love a gold highlighter and this one is beaaaautiful!

143 – This is a darker shade of gold. I think this would make such a good highlight for people who have a deeper skin tone, very flattering on the skin!

Final thoughts…

I really do love this palette, not only because I’m a sucker for highlights but genuinely because I think this is a great highlighting palette. For the price as well considering the pan sizes you get for each highlighter is really good! The formula… omg the formula, it is INCREDIBLE… they are soooo smooth to the touch and they even feel like they have a spongy type texture to them (its weird but nice haha). The only downside to this is what I’ve mentioned already, I wish the palette had a mirror in, every palette no matter what it is should come with a mirror… thats only a small issue though, overall I’m obsessed. If you don’t own it and you’re a sucker for highlight then you definitely should try this out!!! OBSESSED.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…<<<<
sica x

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