I Heart Makeup: Chocolate Vice Palette🍫 | REVIEW

Hello babs! Today I’m coming at you with another chocolate bar palette review from I Heart Makeup, I am currently writing this while it’s thundering and lightening outside… how fun! Anyways, this palette is available both on Tambeauty and Superdrug for only £7.99!😱 This is gonna be a long review again peeps but lets see what I think about this palette…


The eyeshadows come in a sleek shiny black plastic packaging and it has a black 3D melted chocolate effect on the front. Inside the palette it comes with a great mirror and one of those pointless dual ended spongy applicator type thing… you know the ones that you always end up tossing in the bin haha😂 It also comes with a plastic sheet inside which has the names of the shades on it and this can be removed from the palette (I’d have preferred the names to be on the back, not on the fiddly plastic sheet)

First impressions

This palette definitely smells like chocolate… Im 99.9% sure it does! When I first looked in the palette I noticed that variety of different shades to work with, you have your browns, a white and skin colour shade, your red tones and a few different shimmers. I like the ratio of mattes to shimmers as there is a variety to choose from in each category. Although this is known for not being a complete dupe for the Too Face Sweet Peach palette, there are definitely some similarities in the shades. When I first used this palette on my eyes I noticed that the shadows are very easy to blend and work with, there’s not much fallout either which is a bonus because the shades are so smooth in texture. The mirror as well upon first impression is great as it’s a good size and it’s not distorted like some you might come across!


Side note: I have dipped in twice with my fingers to do my swatches by the way for the effect😌

Lets start with the top row…

(Without and with flash)

Vice – This is a yellow tone shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Sway – This is a light nude matte shade which would be good to set an eyelid primer depending on your skin tone. Pigmentation 3/5.
Satisfy – This is a light shimmer which would be good used as an inner corner highlight or an under the brow bone highlight. Pigmentation 3/5.
Require – This is an orange tone shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Convert – This is a light brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.

Middle row…

Treat – This is a dark brown matte shade which was slighty patchy. Pigmentation 3/5.
Habit – This is a gold almost foil like shade. Pigmentation 4/5.
Persuade – This is definitely a foil shadow which has an AMAZING copper colour payoff to it ughhh. My FAVOURITE shade in the palette! (Only downside is when I was packing it on the lid, there was quite a bit of fallout) Pigmentation 5/5.
Need – This is a very light brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Crave – This is such a unique shade… it comes off as quite a plummy colour but I love the multicoloured glitter reflects it has within it. Pigmentation 4/5.
Lust – Again, another unique shade… this one comes off as quite a deep blue shade with glitter reflects within it. Pigmentation 4/5.

Bottom row…

Reason – This a peachy pink shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Must – This is a very pretty pink matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Maleficence – (LOVE the name, reminds me of Disney haha) This is kind of like a brick red shade which does have a little bit of kick-up. Pigmentation 3/5.
Fancy – This is like a rosey pink matte shade. Pigmentation 4/5.
Appeal – This is a straight up white matte shade could be good to use to set an eyelid primer. Pigmentation 4/5.

Final thoughts…

This is not my favourite out of the 2 palettes I have reviewed so far but I definitely do like it! There are some hit and misses in pigmentation but overall the majority of them are great. I do wish that they were consistent in the pigmentation though, that would have made this palette just that little bit better. The formulation of the shades are amazing, so smooth and creamy to the touch and very easy to blend on the eye… the only one I noticed that had fallout was Persuade which was the copper foil shadow. My only con about this palette is that there isn’t a suitable brush in them, I would have preferred an actual brush (nothing amazing) but something thats better than a useless dual ended sponge thing. Overall, I think this palette is really good for the price and if you are someone starting out with eyeshadows then this would be a great palette to buy. For all those lovers of chocolate and makeup… I would definitely recommend for you to pick this up and try out.

Thanks for reading!

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See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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