My Highlighter Wishlist.

Hello babs! So considering I’m a girl who loves highlighter… I thought I’d share with you my recent highlighter wishlist. In the words of my sister “Why do you need so much highlighter?” girrrrrrl, you can never have too much highlighter!😧 I know that a lot of these that I’m going to mention are cult favourites but I’m still yet to try them out for myself so don’t judge 🙂 The majority of these are drugstore with a couple high-end ones added to the mix so yeah, heres 8 highlighters that I want to add to my never ending collection… enjoy!

1. Sleek: Cleopatra’s Kiss Palette I know a lot of people usually want the Solstice one over this one but I think out of the 2… this is the one I would get more use out of. (Like I may end up picking that one up too at some point but it’s not one I’m dying to pick up) The UK price for this product is £9.99 and the Euro price is €12.49 *as of Sleek Website*… not sure whether this is available in the US or not (correct me if I’m wrong)

2. Becca: Champagne Pop – I have been wanting this ever since I saw people talking about it on Youtube however long ago that was and because I really like Jaclyn Hill as well. This looks stuuunning and I love the packaging! The UK price for this product is £32 *as of Cult Beauty* and the US price is $38. 

3. Lottie London: Shimmer Squad Palette – I have seen so many Youtubers raving about this product lately and the pigmentation looks insane, need to get my hands on it ASAP! The UK price for this product is £9.95… I don’t think you can get this brand in the US yet…

4. E.L.F Cosmetics: Moonlight Pearls – I swatched this product a few weeks ago when I was browsing whilst shopping but had forgot my card so couldn’t pick it up 😦 The pigmentation is amazing on this though, gotta get soon! The UK price of this product is £5 and the US price is $4 *as of Ulta Beauty*

5. Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Peach Goddess Skin Frost- I’ve always wanted to try the Ice Cold Skin Frost of his but I think it would be waaay too light for my skin tone so when I saw Peach Goddess I thought… yes please! (I kinda wanna collect them all but that would be unhealthy) The UK price of this product is £25.50 *as of BeautyBay* and the US price is $29.

6. Makeup Revolution: Ultimate Pro Glow Palette – I’m a sucker for highlighting palettes as you can tell from my ABH review and the fact that I’ve put 3 in this wishlist haha! I also love Makeup Revolution so when I saw this I knew I had to get it! The UK price of this product is £8 and the US price is $18 *as of Ulta Beauty*.

7. MUA: Iridescent Gold – I already own one of these by MUA in Pink Shimmer so why not get another one, I think I’ll wear this one more though as I like a gold highlight. I’d seen someone mention it in a blog post and from the swatch it looked like a highlighter I would like. The UK price of this product is £3… this brand is not available in the US yet.

8. The Balm: Mary Lou Manizer – I have wanted this highlighter for soooooo long, this one is definitely an old cult favourite. Definitely need this in my collection but just haven’t picked it up yet??? The UK price of this is £19.99 and the US price is $24. 

Soooo that’s my highlighter wishlist at the moment… I will definitely keeping adding to it though, thats for sure! I hope this helps out any of you who are looking for new highlighters to try… if you’re late jumping onto the bandwagon that is like me haha!😂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

12 thoughts on “My Highlighter Wishlist.

  1. You are right, can’t have too many highlighters haha…My faves at the moment are City Colour highlight trio, Revolution Ultra Glow, actually i love Revolution highlighters in general. I also like the Balm as well..great picks..xo

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  2. Even I love highlighters I have Becca Champaign Pop split with a blush, The Balm: Mary Lou Manizer E.L.F Cosmetics: Moonlight Pearls I want to try the Makeup Revolution glow palette so bad. Hehe. Lovely post. 🙂

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