Whats in my makeup bag?? *collab*

Hello babs! This one is such an exciting post for me… I’m doing my first ever collaboration with the lovely ATypicalLife, you should definitely go and check out her blog… her posts are the bomb.com!

As you can see from the title this is the Whats in my makeup bag?. Soooo, if you’d like to know whats in my cute little makeup bag then keep on reading… (little side note, this bag does contain a FULL FACE of makeup btw)


I got my makeup bag from Primark for £5.00, it’s such a good size and its Disney like yes please!

Nivea Men – Post Shave Balm 
– £5.35 (Boots)
This is my absolute holy grail! I love this primer so much, plus the manly smell it gives off is so nice (is that just me?). I also suffer with dry skin and find this primer helps so much because of how hydrating it is. I have mine in the 100ml version.

Freedom – Pro Correct Palette – £5.00 (Superdrug)
I have to have a colour correct in my bag simply because of all the redness I get due to my dry skin and for the bags under my eyes because I don’t like to sleep at reasonable times… I have also got another colour corrector but this one is my favourite and its smaller so it doesn’t take up too much room!

Kiko Milano – Liquid Skin Second Skin (Warm Beige) – £18.90 (Kiko) I’m pretty sure I got mine when I was half price in store…
This has been my go-to foundation lately! I like that even though its very liquidy, the coverage is still really good. The dropper is great too as it allows you to control how much you want to put on your face.

Collection – Lasting Perfection (Fair) – £4.19 (Superdrug)
HOLY GRAIL!!!! I’m sure 99.9% of people have this in their makeup bag. The coverage for this is amazing, I haven’t even thought about picking up a new concealer to try since having this but the only downside is that mine seems to run out quickly… bummer.

Rimmel London – Stay Matte Pressed Powder (002 Pink Blossom) – £3.99 (Superdrug)
Rimmel London – Match Perfection Loose Powder (Translucent) – £6.99 (Superdrug)
I use Stay Matte to set the whole of my face and the Match Perfection Loose Powder to set /bake mainly under my eyes and the areas that I have highlighted with concealer. These work so great together… thanks to Youtube for introducing me to these products!

Freedom – Brow Pomade (Soft Brown) – £5.00 (Superdrug)
KG – Eyebrow Powder (Blonde, Hazel + Dark Brown) – Price varies as only avail on Ebay
MUA – Lash & Brow Gel Mascara (Clear) – £2.00 (Superdrug)
Sometimes I may use only the powder or the pomade depending on how I’m feeling so I like to keep both in my bag just so I have the choice… but on most days I use the pomade first and then set it with the powder and finish off with the gel mascara.

Rodial – Glamolash Mini Version 
– Not sure on price as got in a Glossybox
This has been the only mascara that I’ve been using recently as I’m way overdue buying a new one… plus it’s mini so great to just chuck in my bag. I would buy the full size but I’m sure Rodial is a highend brand and I just can’t afford it haha.

NYX – Highlight & Contour Pro Palette (01) 
– £18.00 (Boots)
Love this palette, they have a great nude shade to set my skin with, a banana shade to set under my eyes and I’ve also finally hit pan on one of the contour shades *happy dance*. I have got a new contour palette to use but it’s way to big to fit in my bag so this one will do just fine!

MUA – Blusher (Bon Bon)
 – £1.00 (Superdrug)
Such a cute little small blush that I can chuck into my bag, I also love the colour of this and for £1.00 its a steal… might have to pick up a few other shades to chuck in my bag so that I have a variety to choose from…

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Glow Kit (That Glow) – £39.00 (ABH UK)
FAVE FAVE FAVEEEEEE! This has to go everywhere with me otherwise it would be like I’d lost an arm, I cannot live without this palette. End of. I have slowly made a dent in one of the shades as well finally, woop woop!

Lush – Lip Scrub (Bubblegum)
 – £5.75 (LUSH)
W7 – Lip Twister (Nude) – I got mine for £1.99 off Fragrance Direct
Sleek – Matte Me Lip Cream (Birthday Suit) – £4.99 (Sleek)
Everything about this lip combo is everything! The lip scrub is so yummy and great to help my dry lips (sometimes I like to just take a bit to eat while I’m applying it haha) and then this nude lip combo is my go-to at the moment. You gotta have a nude combo in your makeup bag aint ya?

Makeup Revolution – Pro Fix Spray – £5.00 (Superdrug)
Love a good setting spray, can’t go without one in my makeup bag… gotta have the face staying in its place for the day! I do have another one but this is the one I’ve been reaching for most because this is the newest one I own so gotta get my use out of it.

That concludes it guys… I had so much fun doing this collab and thank you to ATypicalLife for agreeing to do this with me 🙂 Be sure to check out her version of whats in her makeup bag!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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      1. I started using it because everyone kept talking about it and after awhile I was “I don’t see any differences” so I stopped and then I realised how bad my maka up looked without it! I can not use it now because in Rome it’s like 38° but for winter time is a must! I also find that the sensive version work better than the original

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