BATTLE OFF!🥊 Primark: Amplif-eyed Mascara VS H&M: Volume Mascara…

Hello babs! Today I will be comparing two very affordable mascaras and telling you which one I find the best out of them both. They are the Primark Amplif-eyed Mascara £2.00 and the H&M Volume Mascara £3.99 – I picked these both up in store. So, for those who are always looking to try out new mascaras then this post may help when making your next choice…



Both of these mascaras come in plastic packaging but the Primark one is in Rose Gold and the H&M one is in silver packaging. They both have the names on the front of them in black lettering. Both of the mascaras screw shut but the H&M one has a click at the end to let you know it is completely shut whereas the Primark one doesn’t.

Primark: Amplif-eyed Mascara –

This mascara has 9.3ml of product in it.

1. It is very slim packaging so won’t take up too much room in your makeup bag/storage
2. It is cheaper than the H&M mascara
3. It lengthens the lashes
4. It has a thinner wand than the H&M one so easier to do those bottom lashes
5. It doesn’t budge at all once it has dried down completely

1. It transfers easily onto the face once applied to the lashes
2. It makes my lashes stick together and makes them look clumpy
3. It is a VERY liquidy formula
4. You get less amount of product in it than the H&M one
5. It doesn’t give any volume to the lashes

H&M: Volume Mascara –

This mascara has 13ml of product in it.

1. It is heavier than the Primark one so feels better quality and less ‘cheap’
2. You get more product in it for the money
3. It doesn’t make the lashes look clumpy or stick together
4. It give my lashes a lot of length
5. It doesn’t transfer as easily compared to the Primark one
6. Once it has dried down it doesn’t budge at all

1. The packaging is quite chunky so can take up more room in the makeup bag/storage compared to the Primark one
2. The wand is fatter so can be hard to get the bottom lashes easily
3. The formula is drier than the Primark one so may run out/dry up quicker

Final thoughts…


Left eye: Primark Amplif-eyed Mascara | Right eye: H&M Volume Mascara

The winner of this battle off has to be the H&M Volume Mascara. The Primark Amplif-eyed Mascara isn’t bad for how affordable it is, it’s just not my favourite out of the two. Yes, there are pros and cons for the both of them but overall I would say I am more satisfied with how the H&M one looks on the eyes compared to the Primark one. They’re both such good prices but the thing that sold it to me is that you get more value for money with the H&M one as it has more product. However, if you’re someone who likes testing out mascaras then by all means you should definitely try the both but if you’re just looking for one then I’d suggest picking up the H&M one.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this little battle off!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

13 thoughts on “BATTLE OFF!🥊 Primark: Amplif-eyed Mascara VS H&M: Volume Mascara…

    1. I hadnt either but when I saw them I knew I had to try them as they were so affordable. And aw thank you, yeah I prefer the H&M one on my lashes. If you do, let me know how you get on. Thanks for reading! Xx

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  1. Hi there. I really like to read your interesting blogs. I think the H&M one gave volume to the lashes more than the primary one and it separated the lashes rather than glueing them together.

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