I Heart Makeup: Chocolate and Peaches Palette🍑🍫 | REVIEW

Hello babs! So I’ve just got back from a run😰 (I’m doing the Couch to 5K with my sister) and thought a good way to chill out would be to write a post about another one of the I Heart Makeup chocolate bar palettes! This was the first of the chocolate bar palettes I actually owned and I picked mine up from Tambeauty but it is also available on Superdrug for the same price of £7.99. I’m sure this is a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette which costs £39.00. Anyway, it’s gonna be another one of those long reviews again guys just like my chocolate bar palette reviews so make yourself comfy😊


The eyeshadows come in a shiny peachy orange plastic packaging and it has the 3D melted chocolate effect on the front. It does flip open (this one seems abit more flimsy to my other ones and I don’t know why…) and inside it comes with a great quality mirror. This palette also comes with one of those dual-ended spongy applicator things which hardly anyone uses… I should really throw it away but always forget haha! It also has a plastic removable sheet in the palette that has the name of each of the shadows on it, I personally don’t like this because if you lose it then you’re screwed for knowing what the names are…

First impressions

After looking at pictures online, I’m 99.9% sure this is supposed to be a dupe for the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette… looks pretty much identical in my opinion! When I first opened the palette I noticed that there are a lot more shimmers in ratio to the matte shades which I’m personally not a fan of as I like to have more mattes to work into my eye looks… I also noticed that there isn’t a light enough transition shade for me to use in the crease as the only browns that are in the palette are too dark😔 Anyway, as I was using the eyeshadows on my eyes I noticed that they are very easy to blend and apply because the formula is very creamy and there isn’t much fall out which is a bonus as sometimes I like to do my eyeshadow after my base. The mirror is also great quality as it didn’t make me look distorted and was a good size for me to see myself doing my eyeshadow clearly!

The eyeshadows…

Side note: have dipped in twice with my fingers to do my swatches by the way for the added effect😌

Lets start with the top row…

(Without and with flash)

Delicious – This is an off-white matte shade which could be good for setting an eyelid primer. Pigmentation 2/5.
Fruit – This is a light copper shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Soft – This a barbie pink shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Choc – This is an olive green shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Delight – This is a black simmer. Pigmentation 4/5.

Middle row…

Sweet – This is a champagne shimmer which could be good to use as an inner corner or underneath the brow bone highlight. Pigmentation 2/5.
Candy – This is a slightly darker copper shimmer which has a little bit of kick-up to it. Pigmentation 4/5.
Rich – This is a browny shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Peach – This is a peachy pink matte shade which has slight glitter reflects within it. Pigmentation 3/5.
Taste – This is a brown sort of shimmer but to me it has a purple-ish undertone to it… this shade is hard to describe haha. Pigmentation 4/5.
Nice – This is a deep purpe/black shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.

Bottom row…

Lush – This is a pale pink matte shade. Pigmentation 2/5.
Fine – This is a brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Luscious – This is more of a brick brown/red matte shade which has a slight bit of kick-up. Pigmentation 3/5.
Keen – This is a darker brown matte shade which is slighty patchy and has a little bit of kick-up. Pigmentation 3/5.
Satisfy – This is a cream matte shade which could be good for setting an eyelid primer. Pigmentation 2/5.

Final thoughts…

Although the colours are very pretty in this palette I would have to say this is my least favourite out of the ones I own so far! I just don’t find myself reaching for it that often… I also noticed that the shimmers have much better pigmentation than the mattes in this palette. For the price though you can’t really complain as the shadows do work well on the eyes, it’s just not my personal favourite. If you’re into these sorts of shades though then I’m sure you’d love this palette! As well, if you’re unsure and don’t want to splurge on the Too Faced Sweet Peach one then I definitely suggest picking this one up to try out. This is a good little palette to experiment with in regards to different colours but it’s just not my personal preference.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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