Product Recommendation: NYX – Wonder Stick *collab*

Hello babs! I’m so excited to share this post with you all… this is my 2nd blogger collaboration with the lovely Abby Uppington, you definitely need to go and check out her blog! The layout and content of it is great, you’ll love it 🙂

As you can see from the title we decided to do a ‘Product Recommendation’ collab which meant that we both had to recommend each other 1 product to try out which we personally like ourselves, to see if the other person does as well. So Abby chose the NYX Wonder Stick for me and for her I recommended the New Look Glow Strobe Stick! I’ve never tried out cream contour before as I’ve been so afraid to so when she recommended this to me I was excited but very nervous at the same time…🙈


Side note: I bought the mine in the shade Light and this cost £10.50 from Boots.


The stick itself comes in a cardboard box and what I like most about the box is that it has a step by step picture guide on the side of it to help you if needed. So anyway, when I took it out of the box it was a plastic duo-ended stick that had the contour on one side and the highlight on the other. The name of the product and the brand is in the middle of the stick on a cream background in brown writing and either side of the product is black plastic. The product has removable clear lids which click shut (I personally like that as it makes it feel secure) and both the contour and highlight is with a twist mechanism where the product can be twisted up and down.

First impressions

I always check if a product has a scent but noticed that this one doesn’t so if you’re someone who likes unscented products then you will like this one! So, before applying it to my face I swatched it on my hand and was pleasantly surprised with how cool toned the contour shade is and how light the highlight shade is… very impressed.I then started applying it to my face and found that the formula was very creamy and easy to apply and didn’t distribute too much produimg_4369ct (I like when I can build up a product instead of it like BAM on your face and you’re screwed haha😂). This was very easy to blend as well as I used my Real Techniques sponge to blend it out and really liked how well it did… I could also build it up a couple of times to get to the effect I wanted which was great. To clean up the contour I applied the highlight shade underneath and it did a great job, my  cheekbone could’ve cut someone!🔪


Before and after I used the highlight shade to clean up the contour.

Final thoughts…

Considering this is my first ever time trying out cream contour… I am sooooo glad that Abby recommended this product to me! It was so easy to work with and I love how the finished look turned out. It took me about 5 minutes to do which if you’re in rush then no need to worry as you won’t be spending forever and a day trying to carve out your cheekbones haha. My sister does have this product in the shade Medium but I’ve never tried it out due to the shade but now I have one of my own and I’m so glad because I love it! Thank you so much for the recommendation Abby and if any of you haven’t got your hands on it and are into cream contour then you definitely should pick this up. Also, if you’re someone who wants to try out cream contour then this a great little product to start with!

Left side is with no contour and right side is with the NYX Wonder Stick. (I’m so impressed by the difference)

That concludes it then lovelies! I just want to say again a MASSIVE thank you to Abby for agreeing to do this little collaboration with me… I had soooo much fun! If you haven’t already then be sure to go and check out the review on her blog about the New Look Glow Strobe Stick 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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