My Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist.

Hello babs! Sorry for not posting for a few days but I got paid today so thought why not do a post on the eyeshadow palettes I have currently been wanting to get my hands on… The majority of these have been raved about on the internet for a while now but that’s the main reason why they are on my wishlist haha😋 Hope you enjoy and maybe you can add some of these to your wishlist if you haven’t purchased them yet… lets get into it…

1. I Heart Makeup: Chocolate Bar Palettes ~ Pink Fizz, Death by Chocolate, Golden Bar, Chocolate Love and Rose Gold (releasing 6th September) – I have been collecting these palettes for a while now and own 4 already so although they are on my wishlist I am purchasing them slowly but surely. The UK price for this product is £7.99 but Golden Bar is £9.00 *as of Superdrug* and the US price is $14.35 but the Golden Bar is $16.15 *as of TamBeauty*.

2. BH Cosmetics: Shaaanxo Eyes & Lips Palette – I have been wanting this for the longest time, I love watching Shaaanxo as well so when I saw she had a palette I knew I wanted it. I don’t own a lip palette either so the idea of them both being in a palette is what sold it for me! The UK price for this product is £18.00 *as of Beauty Bay* and the US price is $14.50 *as of BH Cosmetics Website*.

3. Urban Decay: Naked Heat Palette – I loooove me some warm tones so when I saw this palette I was like ‘yes please’ and because so many people have raved about it, it made me want to buy it more and try it out for myself. I haven’t owned any of the other Naked palettes but really want to try them but everyone says this is the best one out of them… The UK price for this product is £39.50 *as of Urban Decay Website* and the US price is $54.00.

4. Morphe: Jaclyn Hill Palette – I have watched Jaclyn Hill for so long and when I watched her announcement video for this with the swatches I diiiiied. The pigmentation looks incredible and considering I haven’t tried any of the Morphe palettes yet this one looks stunning. I also love the range of colours as it will make me want to step out my comfort zone so would love to get my hands on this (I’ve heard Beauty Bay should be stocking it soon… I hope they do anyway). Can’t get this product in the UK yet but the US price for this product is $38.00 *as of Morphe Website*.

5. Violet Voss: Ride or Die Palette – I’m sorry but isn’t this palette the cutest, each shade is a girls name!!!! When I saw that my name (Jessica) is a gold shimmer shade I knew I had to have it as I looooove gold on my eyes especially as a shimmer all of the lid. The variation of shades looks so good as well and I have heard great things about the Violet Voss palettes so I really want to get my hands on this one! The UK price for this product is £70.00 *as of Cult Beauty* and the US price is $75.00 *as of Violet Voss Website*.

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette – Can’t even tell you how long I have wanted this palette for… I even mentioned it in my High-End Wishlist!! Don’t know why I still haven’t purchased it as I’m a sucker for warm tones, definitely getting it soon without a doubt! The UK price for this product is £41.00 *as of ABH UK Website* and the US price is $42.00. 

7. NYX – Ultimate Brights Palette – This is an unsual one for me as I never ever use bright colours on my eyes but I have seen so many people create amazing looks with this palette. I thought if I purchased it then it may motivate me to step out of my comfort zone and try to use different colours… The UK price for this product is £16.00 *as of Boots* and the US price is $18.00 *as of NYX Website*.

So that concludes this eyeshadow palette wishlist for the moment guys, I’m sure more will get added slowly but at the moment these are the only ones on there… I know I’m late jumping on the bandwagon with some of these but I’ll get round to them eventually!😂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

5 thoughts on “My Eyeshadow Palette Wishlist.

  1. I’m so gonna buy the naked heat, I love the shades!!! And I wish I could get the Jaclyn hill palette, I went to buy it during her last restock but apparently morphie doesn’t ship to Italy 😡😡😡 I have the modern reinassance, it’s my all time favourite palette! You need it xx

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