£2 Makeup Brush Cleaner?!

Hello babs! Its a lovely Saturday morning and I thought why not do a spot of makeup brush cleaning as I’ve been putting it off for so long oops…🙈 So recently I’ve been hauling a lot of makeup/beauty products from Primark and came across this Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray for £2 and thought this would be interesting to try out!

Side note: There is 100ml of liquid in this product which for £2 ain’t all bad.


The liquid comes in a black plastic bottle with a spray mechanism to distribute the product. The spray has a clear removable lid on top so that you can protect the spray when not in use. On the front of the bottle the name of the brand and product is in gold lettering but to highlight it’s used for brushes they have represented some brushes in pink (very cute). On the back of the bottle it has a sticker that tells you some of what the product contains.

First impressions

When I was first looking at how to use the product I noticed that the product doesn’t have any instructions on it so I had to kind of wing how to use it (still not convinced I used it right🤔)… I did notice straight away when I was spraying it onto my brushes that this product does have a scent, not an overpowering one but you can notice it’s there… I quite like how this smells to be honest haha! The spray is not too hard either, it sprays the product out nice and evenly on the brushes which I like as it doesn’t just shoot out in one spot.

How I used mine?

I used this spray in combination with my Brush Egg.

  1. Sprayed my brush with 1-5 spritz of product.o-BEAUTY-570
  2. Swirled the brush around on my brush egg to mix the product into the brush hairs.
  3. Rinsed off the brush under running water using my fingers to run through the brush hairs.
  4. Repeat process again until happy with desired look of brushes.

Final thoughts…

For £2 this product was okay… I’m not a huge fan of it to be honest. I prefer to use like a soap to get right into the brush hairs and just feels it works better than a spray. Considering how many spritz’s I did overall when cleaning all of my brushes there is still a lot left in the bottle so this product will last for some time which is great for the money you pay. But, if you’re someone who likes testing out different brush cleaning sprays then maybe give this one a try if you want to but it’s just not my personal favourite, I will use it again but I think when it runs out I won’t be repurchasing…

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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