I Heart Makeup: Naked Chocolate Palette🍫 | REVIEW

Hello babs! I know it’s not been too long since I did a review on another one of these chocolate bar palettes but I love doing them so thought I’d do this one tonight… I hope you don’t mind haha! So I’m gonna be talking about the Naked Chocolate palette today and this one is for those who are lovers of neutral eyeshadows… I know I am! This one is my personal favourite out of the ones I’ve got so far. I picked mine up on Superdrug I think (can’t quite remember oops) and it was £7.99 but it is also available on TamBeauty as well… If you’ve read my other chocolate bar palette reviews then you already know this is gonna be a long one so get comfy and enjoy 🙂


The eyeshadows come in a shiny pale yellow coloured plastic packaging (almost reminds me of white chocolate) with a 3D melted chocolate effect on the front. It flips open and inside you have a great quality and good size mirror. It has a click shut mechanism which ensures security of when it is closed. There is also a plastic removable sheet inside that has the names of the shades on it (you already know I would prefer the shade names to be on the back of the packaging incase you lose the plastic sheet). Like the other palettes, it comes with a white dual ended spongy applicator that hardly anyone uses… pointless.

First impressions

When I first opened the palette to look at the shades I noticed that there is a good ratio of mattes to shimmers in this palette which I really like as you have a variety to use. I LOVE THE NAME OF THESE SHADOWS… SO CHOCOLATELY AND YUMMY!😂 There is also a slight scent of chocolate from the palette which I like but it is not too overpowering. I’m a sucker for brown eyeshadows so when I noticed there was a variety of different shades of browns I was very happy indeed! When applying the eyeshadows onto my eyes for the first time I noticed that they were very creamy and easy to blend on the eyes and the overall pigmentation of the shadows were good. There was hardly any fallout either which is a bonus as that means you won’t need to be worried about anything ruining your base makeup.

The eyeshadows…

Side note: I have dipped in twice to do my swatches like I always do to get a good opinion on the shadows pigmentation with build 🙂

Lets start with the top row…

(Without and with flash)

Smoothly – This is a cream matte shade which would be good for setting an eyelid primer on the lid. Pigmentation 3/5.
Divine – This is a reddish brown shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Mocha Lover – This is a goldish brown shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Dipped – This is a brown matte shade with a slight shimmer reflect to it. Pigmentation 3/5.
Choc-Fest – This is a deep brown matte shade which has a little bit of kick-up to it. This colour is very patch. Pigmentation 2/5.

Middle row…

Adorable – This is a champagne/whiteish shimmer which would be good to use as an inner corner highlight or an under the brow bone highlight. Pigmentation 3/5.
Buttons – This is a dark brown shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Frosted Choc – This is a coppery brown shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Delight – This is a dark brown matte shade with a slight shimmer reflect to it. There is some slight kick-up to it. Pigmentation 3/5.
Sweet Shop – This is a reddish brown matte shade which needs to be built up slightly to get decent pigmentation. Pigmentation 2/5.
Sugar – This is a dark chocolatey brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.

Bottom row…

Double Dip – This is an orangy gold shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.
Tob-le-rone – This is an ashy brown matte shade which could be good to use as a transition shade. This colour needs to be built up a lot to get a decent pay-off. Pigmentation 1/5.
Wonka – LOVE THE NAME OF THIS SHADE!!! This is a brown matte shade which is a little patchy in terms of pay-off. Pigmentation 2/5.
Milky – This is a light brown matte shade which would be good to use as a transition shade in the crease. Pigmentation 2/5.
Way – This is a yellow tone shimmer. This is very rough to touch when you use your finger… not creamy like the rest of the shadows. Pigmentation 3/5.

Final thoughts…

This is my absolute favourite palette out of the other chocolate bar palettes I own!😍 Whenever I just want to chuck a subtle look onto my eyes, I am finding that this is the palette I reach for a lot recently. If you’re someone who loves neutral shadows then I’m sure you will love this one as it is a good little palette. I did notice though that the shimmers had better pigmentation to the mattes which is slight disappointing but with a bit of building you can get the mattes to perform well on the eyes. I definitely recommend picking this palette up as it’s a great go-to if you’re not wanting to do nothing too crazy and it’s a nice little palette to start out with if you’re not into your eyeshadows that much and want to practice.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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