Milani: Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer | REVIEW

Hello babs! Finally got round to purchasing a new foundation to try yesterday when I was out shopping (YAY, GO ME💃🏻). I was looking through a little shop called Cocktail Cosmetics and came across this foundation and knew I had to pick it up as I’ve been wanting to try it out for so long! I picked mine up for £12.95 from the shop in the shade 00 Light Natural but I know it is available online on different websites if you want to get it online…

Side note: This comes with 30ml of product in it.

Claims: “Medium to full coverage, lightweight, oil-free formula, longwearing, water-resistant and sweat-proof.”


Timg_5012-e1505047046423.jpghe foundation comes in a glass bottle which is ombré black with the colour of the foundation. It comes with a removeable black plastic lid which securely shuts (it doesn’t click shut though) and it has a black pump mechanism. The name of the brand is in gold lettering and the name of the product is in black lettering. There is a white sticker on the back of the bottle which has some more information about the product on it.

First impressions/Testing the claims

The first thing I like to find out when testing a product is if it has a scent to it… this one has a slight one but it is nothing too overpowering. This foundation gave me a dewy finish which is great as it didn’t emphasise on any of my dry patches. I used 2 pumps of this foundation and it covered my face so you don’t need to use a lot if you only want a medium coverage which is what this gives… this means that it will last a while and you won’t run out quickly.

Medium to full coverage? – Medium. When I applied this onto my face it definitely gave a medium coverage as some of my spots did still peak through but you can build it up to be full coverage which is great. Overall it did cover the redness on my face and the majority of my spots. Lightweight? – Yes. When I pumped this out on the back of my hand it did look like it was a very thick consistency (I was nervous that it was going to feel too heavy) but when applying it to the face it felt very lightweight  and almost felt like you were wearing nothing. Longwearing? – Kind of. I’ve had this on my face for a couple of hours now and overall it has lasted well on the skin and hasn’t budged but it has started to come off on my nose (I have this problem with a lot of foundations though as my nose is a problem area). Water-resistant? – Yes. Just for giggles I thought I’d try it… I didn’t go overboard though, I only splashed a few drops of water onto my face. I have to say that the water sat on my skin and did not sink into the foundation which was interesting and when I dabbed it dry with a towel it did not move the foundation underneath. Sweat-proof? – N/A. I’m not one for exercise so haven’t been able to test this claim out, sorry!!!🙈

Final thoughts…

So far so good with this foundation! I’m definitely going to be using this a lot more and feel it may become one of my go-to’s. You can see from the pictures below just how good my skin looks after I have applied it, I am loving it! I can see why everyone hypes about it and I’m glad I’ve finally been able to try it out for myself. One thing to bear in mind is when you are matching yourself to a shade… I had to get my friend to help me out as I was picking out colours that looked like my shade but in fact they were way too dark so yeah best to try out in a shop if you can before purchasing online if you’re going to… I’m still shocked that I am basically the 2nd to palest shade like whaaaaat?!😧 Anyway, I really recommend this foundation and for the price I am very impressed… definitely need to try this out if you haven’t already!

Left: Before, Right: After

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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