Primark: Mermaid Brush Set | REVIEW

Hello babs! Soooo, makeup brushes inspired by mermaids… who wouldn’t want them in their collection right? Well, when I saw these in Primark I knew I had to pick them up straight away! This set comes with 5 brushes in it for £10 (which is about £2 per brush… not bad in my opinion) and I am going to talk to you about each one individually and tell you if they’re a hit or a miss…



The 5 makeup brushes came in a plain plastic see-through box and each brush was sitting in its own individual slot in the box. On the back of the box it tells you the name of each of the brush (so basically what their purpose is).

The brushes!!!

The 5 brushes you get in the set is a powder brush, a blush brush, a foundation brush, an eye contour brush and an eyeliner brush. Each one of these brushes is incredibly soft just to let you know which I was very shocked about haha!

1. Powder brush – This brush is not very dense but I found is was good at applying powder onto my face. It is better to apply powder by sweeping it onto your face with this brush rather than pressing it into your skin because it’s not dense enough to pack it onto the face.


2. Blush brush – This brush is slightly more denser than the powder brush which makes it great to use for blush. This brush does hold and disperse a lot of product so be careful as you could end up applying too much at one time time. You can use this brush to both sweep the blush onto your face or press it onto the face.


3. Foundation brush – This is a flat brush that is good to use to spread foundation over the face. I’m used to using a sponge to put my foundation on but I was quite impressed with how this applied my foundation… even though I went over it with a sponge afterwards just to make sure it was all smooth, I was surprised that this didn’t apply it very streaky which I thought it would. It does soak up a little bit of product but nothing major.


4. Eye Contour brush – I like the shape of this brush a lot… the only downfall is the size of it. This is a little too big to use to apply eyeshadow into my crease but it is great to use to blend eyeshadows together. If you’re someone who is quite heavy handed when using an eyeshadow brush then this may scratch your eye a little bit as it is slightly rough, so I would suggest being more gentle when using this brush.


5. Eyeliner brush – Personally I don’t use eyeliner so I used this for my eyebrows instead due to its slanted edge. I’m gonna be honest… this brush is not very good for my brows due to the thickness of it. It wasn’t very good at getting a thin enough brow or a precise enough line underneath. Anyway, if you’re someone who is good at eyeliner then you may be able to make this work but in my opinion I wouldn’t use it for eyeliner even if I did do it.


Final thoughts…

This is not a bad set for the price to be honest… although I only liked 4 out of the 5 brushes I’m not mad at paying £10 for 4 decent enough brushes. I also think the design of them is stunning so if you’re someone who is a sucker for cute makeup items/packaging then this is definitely one to add to the collection. I’ll definitely be getting the use out of the 4 brushes I like but if you’re someone who could make the eyeliner one work then you should pick this up if you see it in your local Primark. Like I said in the intro… who doesn’t love brushes inspired by Mermaids? 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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