Selfridges: Highend Makeup Haul

Hello babs! So yesterday I did a bit of splurging on some highend makeup at Selfridges. If you’re not from the UK then Selfridges is basically a chain of highend department stores… every girls favourite place😍 If you want to see what I picked up on my little shopping trip then keep on reading 🙂


1. MAC: Fix+ Spray – I have been wanting this for so long so I thought why not pick it up and I am getting into my eyeshadow a lot more now so thought this would be good as majority of Youtubers spray their brushes with it when doing eyeshadow. I also want to see how good it is as a setting spray and if it is worth the hype.

2. Urban Decay: All Nighter Foundation – I wasn’t going to pick this up to begin with as I was actually going to get the Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation but when my sister was being matched up I saw how good it was on her skin! I then thought I would get myself matched up too so I could  see if it looked as good on me as it did her and I was SOLD instantly.

3. Urban Decay: Quick Fix Spray – I hadn’t even looked at this when I was looking at the stand but when the woman was matching me up with the foundation she told me how good this was for my dry skin and tried it on me… I’m sooo glad she introduced me to this because I think I’m actually in love with how this works for me!

4. Urban Decay: Troublemaker Mascara – This is actually a little freebie tester that we were given with our purchase at the stand but I’m glad as I’ve seen everyone testing this out and have wanted to try it out for myself.

5. Zoeva: 234 Luxe Smokey Shader Eyeshadow Brush – As I’ve been getting more into eyeshadow recently I’ve quickly noticed that I don’t have a decent brush for packing colour onto the lid… but my sister had told me that she really rates her Zoeva brushes so when saw this I thought it looked like a good brush to use.

6. Beauty Blender – Original – I’ve been due to get a new makeup sponge so when I saw this I knew I had to get it as I’ve been wanting to test it out for ages and because everyone has hyped about it so much.

7. Charlotte Tilbury: Filmstar Bronze & Glow – This was the biggest splurge of all! I had been looking at this from the start of the shopping trip but was so indecisive about it… my sister suggested for them to try it out on me so I could make my mind up on if I liked it or not… after they tested it I had to buy it!

8. MAC: 217 Eyeshadow Brush – Sooooo late on the bandwagon with this one! This was another thing I had been indecisive about at the start but I realised that it was about time that I invested into some decent eyeshadow brushes so why not get this cult favourite?

Thats everything I picked up in the little haul… feels so strange to be owning some of this stuff as I would never usually go out and spend on highend makeup😧

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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