Primark: PS… Liquid Concealer | REVIEW

Hello babs! I’m coming at you with my first ever concealer review today and we’re going to be talking about the Primark PS… Liquid Concealer which I picked up in store for £2.00. I’m pretty sure I picked up the lightest shade which was Porcelain as I like to use my concealers as well for highlighting. Anyway, I absolutely swear by my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but I thought it was about time I branched out and tried some new ones…

Side note: This comes with 7.8ml of product in it. 


img_5625The concealer comes in a clear plastic bottle so that you can see the shade with a matte black screw shut applicator. The name of the brand and the product is in black lettering on the clear part of the bottle. On the back it says “Medium Coverage. Vitamin E & Aloe Vera”. (We shall be testing out the ‘medium coverage’ claim a little later on) The applicator itself is skinny and a  good length and has a nice skinny doe foot too.

First impressions

The first thing I do before actually testing out a product is check whether they have a scent or not… and I can confirm this one doesn’t have any scent! The doe foot applicator is also a good shape to apply the concealer to your under eye as it is not too fat and can img_5629get quite close under there. Before I applied this to my under eye I swatched this on the back of my hand to have a look at the shade and it does look like it has a pinky undertone to it but when applied onto the face you can’t really tell. So, when I first applied it under the eyes I could tell it was a good shade for me because it was very highlighting which I love but the weird thing is that it actually started to sting under my eyes until I blended it out… once it was blended the stinging went away (no idea why that is). The formula of the concealer is very creamy and does dry down quickly. The concealer was very easy to blend out and it didn’t emphasise my dryness which was great!

Medium coverage? I would have to say that this is medium coverage as it doesn’t completely cover my dark circles but does a pretty good job.
Buildable coverage? I applied 1 layer to begin with and it didn’t completely cover the dark circles so I then added a slight second layer and this did cover up the rest of what wasn’t the first time around. You do look quite cakey after 2 layers but this does slightly go away once you have set the concealer with powder.

Left eye: Primark PS… Concealer | Right eye: No concealer

Final thoughts…

I am LOVING this concealer!!! For £2.00 I am actually amazed by how good it is… I’m so glad I decided to try this and it might be a new go to for a while so that I can give my Collection one a break haha! I highly recommend picking this up if you’re looking for a new concealer and for the price as well… why not?! I was quite sceptical about it to begin with because of it being from Primark and the price of it but so glad I decided to bite the bullet and get it because it’s great 😀 Yeah it might not completely cover your dark circles but if you add another tiny layer and set it then you’ll be good to go! So, when you’re next in Primark and see this you should definitely add it to your basket.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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