Ted Baker: Blush Palettes | REVIEW

Hello babs! So sorry I haven’t done a blog post in so long, been so busy with my new job but I’m back to it now 🙂 The product I’m going to be reviewing today was actually a gift for my birthday and to be honest… I had no idea that Ted Baker did makeup… anyway we’re going to be talking about their Blush Palettes. The set itself consists of 2 blush palettes and a little blush brush. I managed to find a price for this… you can get it from Boots for £18.00.


The blushes come in a shiny rose gold square packaging. The name of the brand is printed on the front of the packaging. Inside it has a good quality mirror and the packaging flips open and has a secure click shut mechanism. The brush has a plastic rose gold handle and the bristles are white with a pink ombre effect.

First impressions

First off lets talk about the packaging!!! The packaging is absolutely stunning, I love me some rose gold makeup ahhhhh😍 Anyway, when I first opened both of the blush palettes I noticed that one of them definitely looked like it could be used as a blush but the other one looks like more of a bronzer/highlighter depending on your skin tone… it definitely doesn’t look like a blush because of it being shimmery and because of the colour combo. The blushes do have a slight scent to them but nothing overpowering and I absolutely love the design on the blushes themselves… so floral and pretty. The mirror is also of god quality and I love how we got one in both of them! The blushes are quite hard to get open but once you work out how to do it the first time then it’s fine haha. Lets talk about the brush… first off I love how cute and small it is (great to chuck in an everyday makeup bag for reapplying blush throughout the day). I can’t describe to you how soft the bristles are but oh my godddd!😧 I was actually so surprised with how well the brush applied the blushes… the brush had just the right density to pick up the product even with how soft the bristles are.

The blushes…

(Without and with flash) The first 2 are the colours individually and the last 1 is the 2 colours mixed together.

This is the one that can definitely be used a blush. What I like about this blush is the fact that it is not too intense so you can build the pigmentation up on your face to the desired blush pay off you want. It is quite a pale pink so I definitely think it would be good to use if you have pale to medium skin tone.

(Without and with flash) The first 2 are the colours individually and the last 1 is the 2 colours mixed together.

As you can tell from the picture… this is the one that screamed bronzer/highlighter. I don’t think this is a blush because of how much shimmer it has and because of the colours. I personally would only use this with both colours mixed together as a highlight or only using the middle shade as highlight. I still think this would only be good for those with pale to medium skin tone.

Final thoughts…

I do think this was such a good present for me as I love trying out new makeup and discovering brands that I didn’t think would do makeup. I will definitely be using the pink blush and the brush again but as for the bronzer/highlighter one I don’t think I will reach for it that often. The only thing I dislike about this little set is the fact it’s only really catered for those with pale to medium skin tone… if the bronzer/highlighter one was slightly darker then it may have worked well for those with deeper skin tones. Overall, it’s a lovely little set for the price and even if you don’t get it for yourself it would make such a lovely gift for any birthdays coming up or even Christmas if you know someone is into their makeup 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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