Essence: Volume Stylist Mascara | REVIEW

Hello babs! I haven’t reviewed a mascara in what feels like forever so I thought I would do one today and the one we are going to be talking about is the Volume Stylist Mascara from Essence which I have had for a while now. I picked mine up from Wilko (Wilkinson’s) for £3.00 which for a mascara I think is an absolute bargain! Lets see how this mascara does then shall we…?

Side note: There is 12ml/40fl oz of product in this.


img_6134-1I honestly love the packaging for this mascara and I don’t know why… The mascara comes in a fat plastic pink bottle which has a black plastic screw on lid which has 3D plait like details on it. The name of the brand and the mascara details is in black lettering and the name of the mascara is in black and pink lettering. You also get a nice little picture of the brush on the back so you can see what the brush shape is without opening it before you purchase it.

First impressions

When I first looked at the wand I really liked the way it looked because it’s not too fat and it’s not too thin and is also curved. The curve of the wand means you can get right into the start of the lashes and you can do the bottom lashes easy as well. Not a lot of product comes out on the brush either which I like because that way you have an even amount on the brush and don’t end up applying too much to the lashes at once. The formula of this mascara is not too wet but not too dry either and when I applied it to my lashes it didn’t transfer. This mascara gave my lashes some great length and volume without making them look too clumpy like some mascaras do and was very black. This mascara does have a scent but it is nothing overpowering.

Left: with Essence Volume Stylist mascara | Right: without mascara

Final thoughts…

I am in love with this mascara and think its going to be one of my new go-to’s!!! This is such a good mascara for the price of £3.00, it does just as much of a good job as my mascaras from Benefit and Too Faced do but for waaaay cheaper. I highly recommend trying out this mascara as it makes your lashes look incredible… it really does give them volume (just like the name states) and great length!!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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