Collection: Eyebrow Powder | REVIEW

Hello babs! I’m going to be talking about a product that I got in a Glossybox a couple of months back and I’ve really wanted to try it out because it honestly seemed so bizarre when I realised what it was… it is the Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder from Collection Cosmetics. I think this product may be discontinued because I can’t find it on any website, sorry guys. Anyhow, I love trying out different brow products so when I got this in my Glossybox I was very excited and intrigued to try it out.

Side note: You get 1.2g of product in this and mine is in the shade Brunette 2.


img_6159The product comes in a slim brown plastic bottle that has a long black screw on lid. The name of the brand and the product is in silver shiny lettering. It has a very long wand with a pointy brush on the end. The brush is quite rigid but the very tip of it has slight flexibility.

First impressions

In all honesty I was very sceptical about this product to begin with because I thought “how can a powder come in a bottle and apply to your brows…”. I was very baffled. This product doesn’t have any scent to it which is good for those who may have a sensitivity to scented products. The lid also has ball in the lid I believe that makes a noise when you shake it (I still haven’t worked out if shaking the ball has anything to do with the powder). I couldn’t really see any product in the bottle but when I pulled the wand out there was some on the brush. I really like how long the wand is as well and the pointed brush makes it very easy to get a good line under the brow. This powder really does fill in my brows and gives them a good shape… what I didn’t like is that the product would sometimes fall down onto the face. I also had to put the wand in a number of times when filling in my brows as not a lot of product was coming out onto the wand so it did take a while to get to the end result.

Left picture: before brow powder | Right picture: after brow powder

Final thoughts…

I actually do like this eyebrow powder when I genuinely thought I wasn’t going to because I was sceptical on the idea of it. This really does give my brows some shape and colour which I like. As said earlier, the only thing I didn’t really like is the time it took to get to the end result and the fact that some of the powder sometimes fell down onto my face and when I was getting the wand out of the bottle. If you’re in a rush then this product wouldn’t really work because of how long it takes. This would be good to chuck into your on-the-go makeup bag if you needed to top up on your brows throughout the day. (It’s a shame that I can’t find it anywhere at the moment for you to try it out if you wanted to but hopefully it may come back…)

If you got this in your Glossybox and have tried it out then let me know your thoughts on it 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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