Makeup Revolution: Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette in “Direction” | REVIEW

Hello babs! I’m going to be talking about a palette that I got off one of my best friends for Christmas and it is the Pro HD Amplified 35 Palette in “Direction”. This is an all shimmer palette okay… ALL SHIMMER! You can get this on Superdrug for £15 and also on TAM Beauty for the same price. This is supposedly a dupe for the Morphe 35OS palette and just from looking at the picture (I do not own the Morphe one) I can say its practically identical to it apart from a few shades being slightly lighter.

Left: Makeup Revolution | Right: Morphe


The eyeshadows come in a shiny black rectangular plastic packaging which has the name of the brand and palette overall in shiny gold lettering. On the back it has a sticker that has the actual name of the palette on it (e.g. Direction). Inside it has a great big mirror that is very good quality and it also has a plastic removable sheet which has all of the shade names on it. The palette flips open and has a secure click shut mechanism.

First impressions

Upon first impressions I love how big the packaging is and the fact it comes with such a big mirror inside. The palette has a generic eyeshadow smell but it is nothing too overpowering. Like I mentioned at the start I can definitely see this being a Morphe 35OS palette dupe but either way they are both very affordable. I like how the palette has a range of light to dark shimmers with a few pops of oranges and reds. When I was swatching the shades I can say that they feel very creamy in formula and apply very smooth… not too chunky which I like because some shimmers can be a little chunky. The eyeshadows apply well to the eyes but I would advise spraying your brush with a fixing or setting spray to help give more of a colour pay off but the pigmentation overall is good even without.

Swatches (without and with flash)

I won’t be going into detail about each shade like I normally do because there are so many shades and some are quite similar so I hope you don’t mind! Side note: I have dipped in twice to do my swatches like I always do to get a good opinion on the shadows pigmentation with build 🙂 please ignore the eczema on my arm

Final thoughts

I do like this palette and think it will be good for when I need to add a pop of colour to the lid or when I need to highlight my inner corner and brow bone. I really like the colour selection as well and the formula is good to work with on the eyes both wet and dry. If you are someone who likes shimmers and wants a palette dedicated to them then definitely pick this up but even if you’re not this is a great palette that will come in handy when you want to add a little something something to your eye looks. And 35 eyeshadows for £15 is such a good price as well!! This palette is slightly cheaper than the Morphe one as well so if you want to save some money then heres an alternative for you 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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