Primark: PS… Pure Glow Highlighter✨ | REVIEW

Hello babs! Today I’m doing a highlighter review on this little gem I found in Primark for only £3 and it’s the Pure Glow highlighter (they do have a Pure Glow highlighting palette which I have already reviewed but I’m guessing by the name this comes from that family). I first saw this spoken about on Youtube and from the swatches it looks great so wanted to try it out for myself and see… I got mine in the shade Brunch Club.

Side note: There is 9g/0.31oz of product in this.


The highlighter comes in a square plastic packaging that has a see through front and the back is rose gold. The name of the brand is in black lettering and the the name of the highlighter comes on a sticker on the front (it doesn’t have the highlighter name on the back so if you remove the sticker then you may forget what this highlighter is called…) The packaging flips open and has a secure click shut mechanism.

The highlighter!!!!!

Side note: I have dipped in twice for these swatches as I always do because I like to see how the pigmentation builds 🙂

(Without and with flash)

In the pan the highlighter has like a wave effect on it which makes it look really fancy in the packaging. The highlighter itself has like a white icy look to it with a lilac shift to it in the light. It applies smoothly on the face and is quite intense in pigmentation which I like. It doesn’t look chunky or glittery on the face and almost gives the skin a wet look to it.

Final thoughts…

I do think this a great little highlighter for the price because the pigmentation is insane but I’m not a fan of the colour on my skin tone personally. I can’t really get a white highlighter to look right and much prefer champagne and golds personally but if you are someone who can pull off icy highlighters then you should definitely add this one to your collection as it is stunning on the face. The formula is so creamy and honestly you do not need a lot of this product because the pigmentation is so good so it should last you a while. There are a few other shades in this highlighter so even if you aren’t sold on this shade then definitely have a look at the other ones… thats what I’m going to do anyway because for £3 you can’t knock it. If you’re into blinding highlights then definitely try this out but if you’re more into subtle highlights then maybe steer clear of this one 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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7 thoughts on “Primark: PS… Pure Glow Highlighter✨ | REVIEW

  1. I told my sister to get me this higlighter while she was in Germany, as we don’t have a Primark in Denmark. Unfortunately they didn’t have any 😦 Not even one shade was in stocks. So instead she got me their Pure Glow palette I think it’s called.

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