Beauty Glazed: Glitz Glam Eyeshadow Palette | REVIEW

Hello babs! This post is a little overdue because I was meant to do it before the New Year but didn’t get round to it… today I’m going to be talking about an eyeshadow palette from a brand I’d never heard before until I saw Sophie @ PrettyLittleBlog do her review on it. I was lucky enough to actually win the giveaway that Sophie did of this palette because I did want to try it after seeing her review but never got round to buying it. The brand is called Beauty Glazed and this review is going to be about the Glitz Glam Eyeshadow Palette which you can get on Ali Express for £3.40 as thats where I saw MakeupByTammi (a Youtuber) get hers from. This palette contains 5 matte shades and 5 glitters.


Snapchat-1241257542.jpgThe eyeshadows and glitters come in a rectangular cardboard packaging. The front is black with pink palm leaves and the back is also black. The name of the brand and palette is in shiny rose gold lettering. The palette flips open and has a magnetic shut mechanism. The palette doesn’t have a mirror and the eyeshadows are in pans that is surrounded by rose gold packaging. Inside there is also a plastic removable sheet that comes over the eyeshadows to protect them.


Matte shades :-
Glitter shades :-


First impressions

I noticed straight away that the eyeshadows have no names to them… Anyway, when I first looked at the palette I thought the eyeshadows and glitters looked stunning, definitely shades that are up my street. The matte eyeshadows do look very warm toned apart from the pink shade. The glitters have a mix of warm and cool tones in there which is nice. The eyeshadows do not have a scent to them! When I was swatching the matte shades they felt very creamy to the touch but do have little kick up in the pan and fall out so you’d need to be careful when blending on the eyes. The matte shades did stain my arm when I tried wiping them off so I would recommend putting a base or eyeshadow primer down on your eye first before applying them. The pigmentation however for the matte shades was insane!!! The glitters didn’t swatch the best and a lot of the glitter stayed on my finger so I would again recommend putting down a base, using a wet brush or some glitter glue.

The eyeshadows and glitters…

Side note: I have dipped in twice to do my swatches like I always do to get a good opinion on the shadows pigmentation with build 🙂

Matte shades:


(Without and with flash)

Matte 1 – Pink
Matte 2 – Orangey terracotta
Matte 3 – Deep brown
Matte 4 – Purpley brown
Matte 5 – Berry red

Glitter shades:


Glitter 1 – Silver
Glitter 2 – Champagne gold
Glitter 3 – Gold
Glitter 4 – Light pink
Glitter 5 – Berry red

Final thoughts…

I do think this is a good palette for the price but the only downside is that there is not a mirror which I do like to have in an eyeshadow palette but I guess for the price you can’t reaaaaally complain. You will have to work a bit to get this eyeshadow palette to perform the way you want it to because the glitters don’t apply the best and the mattes have some fall out so you will have to be careful when using it. However, I definitely think you could get some good eyeshadow looks from this because of the fact that there is both mattes and glitters in one palette! If you like a palette like this then definitely pick it up because the price of it is great but if you’re someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time on your eyeshadow then maybe give this a miss as you may have to spend a bit more time than usual.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x

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14 thoughts on “Beauty Glazed: Glitz Glam Eyeshadow Palette | REVIEW

  1. Hwy there Jessica. That’s a really nice review. Ive never heard of this palette before. I think its OK for the price. The matte shades are quiet good but the glitters are OK. But this palette would be good for a variety of looks and is affordable. As always I loved reading your review 👍

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