First Impressions/Trying Out Makeup *collab*

Hello babs! Today I’m going to be doing a collab with the lovely Emilyburnsmua and we came to the decision to do a first impressions/trying out makeup products collab. I really loved this idea because I’ve never done it on my blog before so it makes a nice change and I’ve had a few items that I have been contemplating doing a whole review on but just don’t think they’ll be interesting enough so instead I can write a little something something about them in this kind of post… (3 of these items are out of Glossyboxes)

We decided to pick 4 products each that we wanted to review ourselves but the 5th product is something we both had to try out at the same time. If you’d like to see what Emily will be trying out then be sure to check out her part of the collab 🙂

1. Lord & Berry: Magic Brow Pencil – Brunette (£14 from Selfridges)
This is one of the products I got out of a Glossybox. From first looking at the pencil it does seem to be quite small and it has 2 colours mixed within the pencil (light and dark brown). The pencil felt creamy in formula and did apply to the brows easily and quickly. Although, it was a little difficult to get a sharp line and get the faded effect at the front of the brow. In all honesty… I don’t really understand why there is 2 colours mixed within the pencil because it didn’t seem like you could see them in the brow and it just kind of muddled to one colour so… The colour was ok on my brows but was slightly more warm toned than I like. Overall, it’s not a bad brow pencil for those who like to use pencils and it is good if you are in a rush but personally I just don’t like using a brow pencil anymore.  Rating: 3/5


2. Primark: Perfect Glow Primer (£3 from Primark)
This primer does not have a scent which is good for those who are sensitive to scented products. The primer is of a white colour, has a thick consistency and not a lot of product comes out of the bottle. I found that I had to use a lot of this to actually cover my entire face. This did not leave my face tacky nor did it add any moisture to my face, however it made it a little smooth but nothing much. I honestly didn’t see much of a difference at all to my face after applying this and although it states that it gives you a perfect glow… I didn’t see it add any glow to my face. Rating: 2/5

3. Maybelline: Super Stay 24H Full Coverage Foundation – 05 Light Beige (£9.99 from Superdrug)
Me and Emily decided to both try out this foundation in this collab! I love how the foundation has a pump and the the foundation is not too think but not too liquidy in consistency. The foundation doesn’t really have a scent which is good for those who are sensitive to scented products. I managed to use 2 pumps to cover my entire face and would say that this foundation has medium to full coverage. The end result was a matte look and it did slightly emphasise my dry patches but nothing major (couldn’t really notice unless close up). This foundation didn’t feel heavy on the skin and dried down quite quickly but gives you enough time to blend it onto the face. Rating: 4/5

4. ML: Safari Bronzer (Not sure on price)
This is another product that I had gotten into a Glossybox. Upon first impressions the bronzer did look very glittery and orange in the pan… however I do like the leopard print effect though. This bronzer has no scent and it didn’t look glittery on the face at all. The colour was not too orange… in fact I would say that this is more of a contour shade on the face than a bronzer (for my skin tone anyway). The formula is not the easiest to blend but it’s not the worst. Rating: 2/5


5. BellaPierre: Banana Setting Powder (Not sure on price)
Again this is another product I have gotten out of a Glossybox. This powder does look quite yellow in the pot (duh it is a banana powder Jess haha) and does look a little chunky… not the finest of powders I have seen. You do get quite a lot of powder in the pot and definitely don’t have to use a lot so will last you a while. Even though this is quite smooth on the skin it did leave a yellow cast under my eyes so maybe I would stay clear of baking and use this more as a dust over the whole face. Personally I don’t like using banana powders but if you do then you would probably be able to get this to work more than me. Rating: 2/5


Overall, I only really liked 1 product out of the 5 that I tried (which is disappointing but hey ho) and that would be the Maybelline foundation… I am definitely going to do more of an in-depth review on it soon ❤ Also, I have been wanting to try out the Glossybox products for a while now but didn’t really feel like doing a full review on them so I’m glad I finally got to test them out for this! I honestly had so much fun doing this sort of post and will hopefully try and do some more in the future… A big thank you to Emily for doing this collaboration with me and if you haven’t checked out her blog already then be sure to do so when you leave 😀 Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x


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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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