Marc Jacobs Influenster Voxbox

Hello babs! I am literally still speechless about the fact that got picked to receive some makeup products from Marc Jacobs to try on behalf of Influenster like omg I’m so grateful to just receive free makeup in general but I’m even more grateful when it’s from a high end brand!!!!😱 If you want to find out more about this Voxbox then keep on reading…

Disclaimer: *These products were sent complimentary by Influenster and Marc Jacobs to try and review but all opinions are my own*

The Voxbox I was sent included 2 of their Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayons “Matte-not-flat, Extreme colour, Waterproof” and I received the shades 49 (POP)ULAR and 59 PINK OF ME. These retail for £20 on the John Lewis website.

Marc Jacobs do have 10 other colours in the collection which are 45 (IRON)Y41 (EARTH)QUAKE43 (BROWN)IE51 WHIRL(POOL)61 OVER(NIGHT)53 OUT OF THE BLUE63 (GRAPE)VINE47 FINE(WINE)57 DEJA BLUE55 MIST ME. (Colours obviously aren’t accurate but wanted to try and represent them in a fun way haha)


Top: 49 (POP)ULAR | Bottom: 59 PINK OF ME

I really like there eyeliners because they are soooooo incredibly creamy to apply and the pigmentation is crazy. However I would say that because they are so creamy you need to be careful when putting the lids back on them because you can easily slip and break the nibs of the eyeliners off because they are so fragile. I also love the packaging because you can clearly see what the colours of the eyeliners are without having to take the lid off. I love the fact that the eyeliners are twist up as well because personally I don’t like having to sharpen eyeliners as it can get quite messy… 59 PINK OF ME is a nice pale pink shade and 49 (POP)ULAR is a deep pink shade. I highly recommend them if you are someone who is into eyeliners and fun colours as they are so easy to work with and they aren’t a bad price either considering they are from a high end brand!

(Without and with flash) First without flash: 59 PINK OF ME | Second with flash: 49 (POP)ULAR

I am loving this Voxbox and will especially get the most use out of the pale pink shade as I think it will look great in the waterline to make my eyes pop. I am so thankful to Influenster and Marc Jacobs for sending this over for me to try 😀 If you haven’t checked out Influenster yet then be sure to do so because you never know you could receive a box of your own… who knows?

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x


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