Nip+Fab: Liquid Lipsticks in “Cinnamon” and “Candy”💄 | REVIEW

Hello babs! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve reviewed a lip product on my blog so I thought I’d talk about a couple that I got in a Nip+Fab bundle in Superdrug during the Black Friday sales… The two I’m going to be talking about are the shades Cinnamon and Candy which you can get for £7.95 at Superdrug or the Nip+Fab website. There are other colours in the collection but I wasn’t able to pick which ones I wanted as they came in a set bundle.

Side note: You get 2.6ml/0.08 fl.oz of product in each of these.


Snapchat-1584761899.jpgThe liquid lipstick comes in a clear plastic almost glass like bottle. It has a black screw on lid with a long doe foot applicator. The name of the product and brand is in black lettering on the clear bottle and you can see the colour of the liquid lipstick through it. It has a black band design around the bottom of the bottle. I do really like the packaging as it looks sleek and quite minimalistic to the eye.

First impressions

I will say now before we begin is that these lipsticks so have a chemical scent to them, it’s not overpowering but you definitely know it’s there so bear that in mind if you are someone who is sensitive to scented products. When first looking at these lipsticks in the bottle I could tell they were both nude shades however Cinnamon is more of a brown nude whereas Candy is a pink nude. They do have a nice formula creamy formula and apply well to the lips but you may have to dip in twice to be able to cover the whole lips as not a lot comes off on the doe foot applicator. They do dry down completely matte!! When I applied them to my lips they did not feel drying but if you do rub your lips together then it will make the lipstick settle into any cracks on the lips. I will say that Cinnamon does come off brown on the lips whereas with Candy I was expecting it to come off as a nice pink nude but it was just too light of a pink… it made me look like I have concealer lips which is not pretty!

Cinnamon and Candy swatches

(Without and with flash)
Left photo: Cinnamon | Right photo: Candy

Final thoughts…

I do really like the formula of these lipsticks apart from if you do end up rubbing them together (therefore I’d recommend exfoliating or putting lip balm on your lips before you apply them). Out of both the shades I will definitely only be keeping Cinnamon as that is the only one I will be able to get wear out of because Candy is just waaaaay too nude for my skin tone! I do think the price is okay but it’s certainly not the cheapest I have come across for a liquid lipstick at the drugstore, however they are nice liquid lipsticks and I do recommend them but it’s just your choice if you’re sold enough to pay the price for them… So, is this product ‘Kiss Proof’ or ‘Budge Proof’? – I’m going to say no because they were so easy to remove afterwards…

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x


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