Nip+Fab: Primer | REVIEW

Hello babs! I thought I would do a primer review today as I genuinely can’t remember the last time I have done one… the one I’m talking about today is from Nip+Fab and I got this is a bundle set from Superdrug during the Black Friday sales. You can get this from Superdrug on its own for £9.95 and also on the Nip+Fab website for the same price.

Side note: You get 30ml/1.01fl oz or product in this. (I’m not sure if you can get other shades by mine is 01 Bare.


The packaging for this primer is very simplistic! The primer comes in a squeezy plastic tube which is black and white with a black screw on lid. Half of the brand name is in white lettering and the other half is in black lettering. The name of the primer is in white lettering and on the back it doesn’t really have much on there.

First impressions

You can’t really tell if the product has a scent until you start applying it to your face because when I first opened the product there was no scent but when applying it to my face there was… The scent does go away after the primer has settled into the skin and is Snapchat-598717323.jpgnothing too overpowering. When I first squeezed some primer out to apply I noticed it was liquidy but not too runny or too thick… just right! The primer is of a white colour but blends out to nothing on the skin. This primer does feel quite moisturising on the skin and slightly tacky to begin with but when it dries down that goes away. I like a primer to be moisturising on my skin because I suffer with dry skin but it does settle into the skin quite quickly and gives a matte finish to foundation so I think this will be good for people with dry, combination or oily skin. My foundation applied so smooth over this primer which I like but I will admit that even when I set my foundation with a powder… the foundation does come off around my nose (that happens with any primer though for me). Overall, I think it lasts well on the skin as long as you aren’t someone who is constantly touching your face. I wouldn’t say this is a pore filling primer or a silicone primer… it’s more of a moisturising primer with a slight tacky feel to it.

Final thoughts…

I do really like this primer and will be reaching for it more often! Yes I do think it is slightly pricey for a primer from the drugstore as there are a lot of cheaper alternatives but I’m not mad at the price. If you like a moisturising but slightly tacky primer then I think you will get a long well with this but if you are someone who likes pore filling or silicone primers then this might not be the one for you… If you are looking to try a new primer then I do recommend trying this out 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x




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