Katie Price: Baked Highlighter✨ | REVIEW

Hello babs! We’re going to be looking at a highlighter in the shade Warm from Katie Price’s makeup range today (I had no idea she had her own makeup until I saw it being sold on TAM Beauty‘s website). This highlighter is £6 but I got it in a sale for £3… I wouldn’t say its the cheapest highlighter out there but it’s not bad in my opinion. There are 2 other shades in the collection which are Light and Golden Bronze.

Side note: You get 7g of product in this.


Snapchat-1038031871.jpgThe highlighter comes in a circular shiny white plastic packaging that has the Katie Price logo on the font in silver with a pink heart underneath. You have to press a button with a bow on in order to get the lid to open and then it shuts with a click shut mechanism. Inside it comes with a mirror that is not a bad size and actually good quality. The highlighter has a heart imprinted into the middle of it but when used this will fade. (Really pretty packaging if you ask me)

The highlighter!!!!!

Side note: I have dipped in twice for these swatches as I always do because I like to see how the pigmentation builds 🙂

(Without and with flash)

Although the name of this highlighter is Warm I wouldn’t say that this highlighter is of a warm toned shade… its more of a white highlighter. In the pan as well it looks as though it will be a pink/peach highlighter but on the skin it doesn’t show as that… I will have to say that this highlighter is quite subtle to what I’m normally used to and definitely isn’t as blinding as I personally like. The formula of this highlighter is quite creamy, it sits well on the skin and doesn’t look chunky or glittery.

Final thoughts…

I do think this highlighter is nice but it’s not one of my favourites purely due to the shade and the subtleness of it. *I would bear in mind that if you are buying one of these highlighters then the shade may come off different on the face than that what it comes across in the pan.* The price is ok due to the amount of product you do get in the pan but it definitely isn’t the cheapest I have come across and I’m pretty sure there are better ones out there on the market for cheaper than this one… that being said I don’t think this is a bad highlighter, I just think it’s better for those who like more of a subtle glow. It’s not one I will reach for often but I will definitely try to get my use out it… If you can snatch it up in a sale then even better but it’s not a bad highlighter if you are willing to pay full price… just be careful when selecting a shade haha!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x


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