I Heart Makeup: Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in Peachy Pink Kisses | REVIEW

Hello babs! I don’t think I’ve actually done a blusher review on my blog so I thought I would do one today to kick things off haha! I picked up this blusher last month in the 3 for 2 offer on Superdrug and we’re going to be talking about the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Highlighter in Peachy Pink Kisses. This is available on Superdrug and TAM Beauty for £4.99. I was quite sceptical to pick this up for a long time as it does look quite glittery but as it was free in the 3 for 2 then why not haha!

Side note: You get 10g of product in this.


This packaging is the cutest!!!!!!!! The blusher comes in a heart-shaped cardboard box. The lid is a peachy pink shade and the bottom is a gold. The name of the brand and product is on written on the lid in shiny deep pink/purple lettering. The packaging is quite chunky though so it may take up quite some room in your storage or makeup bag so bear that in mind. The lid slides off and on very easily which is good as it’s not too fiddly to open up.

The blusher!!!!!

(Without and with flash)
Side note: I have dipped in twice to do my swatches like I always do to get a good opinion on the shadows pigmentation with build 🙂 

I have individually swatched all the 3 shades and then I did a swatch of all the separate shades mixed together. The blusher is made up of a white, light pink and a deeper pink shade. When you mix all the shades together it does make a nice peachy pink shade like the name suggests haha. The blusher definitely swatches glittery like it shows in the box so bear that in mind as it can be quite glittery on the skin also. The pigmentation is buildable so it is good for people who don’t like a ‘in your face’ blusher as it can be built up to the desired pigmentation. (If you’re not a fan of this shade then there are a few other shades in the Blushing Hearts collection :))Snapchat-1270542361.jpg

Final thoughts

This is not my favourite blusher because I don’t typically reach for a blusher that comes off glittery, I prefer a matte blusher myself. The shade is stunning though and is buildable in pigmentation which is great. If you don’t mind a glittery blusher then this would be good for you… I might try to blend it in with my highlighter so it doesn’t necessarily look like a glittery blusher instead it will look more like a highlighter (hopefully). I’m a sucker for peachy blushers as well so I would have loved this if it wasn’t so glittery on the skin 😦 I definitely think it’s great for the price and it will definitely last you a while. I would recommend trying it out if you don’t mind a glittery blusher but if you’re not a fan of this shade then there are few others to choose from in the collection!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x


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