🚫Eyeshadow Palettes Anti Haul🚫

Hello babs! Today I thought I would do an anti haul but this time it’s just going to be about the eyeshadow palettes that I don’t want to buy… didn’t realise there were so many that I don’t want to own😲

Disclaimer: These are just products that I am choosing not to buy to suit my personal preference and I am not slating any of the brands at all so please don’t be offended.

1. Makeup Revolution: Fortune Favours The Brave Palette (£9.99 on Superdrug) – The reason why I don’t want to own this palette is because the shade range is just not for me and actually looks quite boring… I also think this is quite pricey compared to other Makeup Revolution palettes I own and I’m not willing to spend the price if the palette just doesn’t excite me.

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Beauty Killer Palette (£40 on Beauty Bay) – This palette is soooo not me… I do not like the shade range that it has in this and I don’t think you can create that many looks with it so why spend the price on it to maybe get like 2 looks from it. It just looks too cool toned for me and am warm tones all the way!

3. Hot Topic: Nickelodeon Palette ($13.52 on Hot Topic) – As fun as this palette looks to collect I will not be buying it because of the shade range. The palette has majority shimmers so I wouldn’t be able to create a look without dipping into another palette… I have also heard quite mixed opinions on the performance of this palette as well which is also another reason I won’t be buying. (It’s hard not to buy it just for the collector purpose)

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Soft Glam Palette (£43 on Anastasia Beverly Hills) – I’m not going to lie I was soooo on the fence about wanting this palette because being honest… it is STUNNING! The main reason I won’t be getting it is because it has repeated shades in it which I already have in my Modern Renaissance Palette so what is the point of owning them both… if it had complete new shades in it then I 100% would have bought it. So sad about this one 😦

5. Urban Decay: Naked Petite Heat Palette (£26 on Urban Decay) – First of all… why is this palette so expensive when you only get 6 shades!!! I know I’m a warm tone gal but the shade range in this palette just doesn’t excite me. I’d rather spend the money and buy the actually Naked Heat palette that has more shades in compared to this one. Slight rip-off in my opinion.

6. The Crayon Case: Box Of Crayons Palette ($30 on The Crayon Case) – This palette looks like a great collectors item but in reality I would probably get hardly any use of it because I don’t reach for bright colours very often. I have heard great things about it but just don’t see the point in having it when I already have my NYX Cosmetics Ultimate Brights palette that only gets used when I’m feeling to use bright colours…

7. Jeffree Star Cosmetics: Blood Sugar Palette ($52 on Jeffree Star Cosmetics) – I do not like the look of the shade range for this palette in the slightest! I love the fact it looks like a Nintendo DS but the shades just aren’t for me. They look very cool toned and I’m not into that at all so just don’t see the point spending the amount of money on it when it does not excite me in the slightest.

8. NYX Cosmetics: Love You So Mochi Palettes (£18 on Boots) – I’m sorry but these are so overpriced in my opinion! These palettes pretty much have all shimmer shades in them apart from like 1 matte shade I think which is not practical. I like to have a palette that does everything for me and this does not and I will not be paying the price for a palette that I can probably only use for adding pops of colour to my looks.

9. Anastasia Beverly Hills: Prism Palette (£43 on Anastasia Beverly Hills) – Although this has better reviews compared to the Subculture palette I will not be buying it because the shades in it do not excite me. Like don’t get me wrong they are quite pretty but they aren’t shades that I would reach for… therefore I won’t be spending the price on this palette when it will hardly get used.

10. Too Faced: White Chocolate Bar Palette (not sure if it is still for sale anymore) – Not sure if this was limited edition or not but I still wouldn’t buy it even if it was for sale again or not. The shades in this palette just aren’t for me… I feel like in the palette they don’t look like they fit together right which makes me think it will be hard to make a decent look on the eye.

Thanks for reading this eyeshadow palettes anti haul, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know your thoughts about any of these products whether you’ve tried them out or not because I’d love to know 😀

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x


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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

10 thoughts on “🚫Eyeshadow Palettes Anti Haul🚫

  1. Love this! Fortune Favours the Brave has never appealed to me either I agree it looks quite boring & I love the look of Soft Glam I’m still on the fence though as although like you I have MR and some of the shades are the same names some reviews I’ve seen have said the shades are actually a little different! Like Cyprus Umber is meant to be more purple and less brown in Soft Glam!

    Jess xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! Yeah I’ve been on the fence about it for a while now and I don’t want to get it for the risk that actually the shades are the same in MR even though some reviews are saying different… its an awkward one! Thanks for reading! Xo


  2. I love the Soft Glam too but I won’t buy it for the same reason! So many similar shades, it’s not even fair. I have the naked heat and although I love it I’m not going to get the petite one, they are just too similar!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its so pretty which is what is the most annoying part but I just can’t spend the money to have duplicates of shades… and yeah I agree I’d rather pay the money and get Naked Heat rather than the price for 5 shades which look similar anyway! Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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