Testing new Boutique Makeup!! Sainsbury’s own range??

Hello babs! Today is an interesting one because I recently came across a new makeup brand called Boutique. I found this in my local Sainsbury’s but I don’t know if it’s their own makeup line or if they just stock it at their store… Well anyway, I thought I’d pick up some items to try as they were all pretty afforable, everything was under £10!!! If you want to know my thoughts then keep on reading!!

An overview of what I liked, what I disliked and what I’m unsure about…


I really liked the waterproof brow pomade. It was a good shade for my brows and I have quite dark hair at the moment anyway, I’d usually go for something lighter but felt this worked best as the other shades looked too warm. It felt quite creamy and went onto the brows with ease. A little bit goes a long away so it may last you quite a while. Only slight issue was the size of the pot… it was quite small in my opinion.

I really liked the flawless hydrating illuminating primer. The consistency threw me off to begin with as it was like a jelly sort of formula but it did give my skin a nice glow. It didn’t blur my pores which it stated but I only really wanted it for the hydrating and illuminating properties anyway! It did have a slight tackiness to it before drying down which is good if you’re someone who puts foundation on right away but if you don’t then the tackiness will go away. It also felt very cooling on the face which I liked.

I was quite surprised that I liked the serum foundation as much as I did. It did have a slight glow to it but did dry down a little matte… I’d say that it has a demi matte finish. It had medium coverage and it blended out really nicely onto the skin. It didn’t emphasise any of my dryness which was good and I definitely think it would be good for oily skin as well. A slight issue it had was the fact that it oxidised ever so slightly so just bear that in mind when matching as it will appear darker on the skin than in the bottle once it’s dried  down. I also think that if you add more than 1 layer then it may look cakey but for me 1 layer did the job!

The moisturising lipstick I quite enjoyed too. It did feel very nice and creamy on the lips and the shade I picked was a lovely brown nude. It had decent pigmentation and it has a nice scent to it. The only thing I think is that it won’t have very long staying power as it is quite a creamy formula with a satin finish.


I really disliked the moisturising concealer that I picked up. It had barely any coverage and was taking up the foundation underneath where I was applying it. The applicator barely picked up any product on it so I had to keep going in to get more product. It also seemed to blend away into nothing. The only thing I think it could be good for is covering small blemishes…

Another product I disliked was the burgundy eyeshadow palette. This palette had only 3 matte shades out of the total 12 eyeshadows… I like to have more mattes in a palette then shimmers so this was very disappointing. 2 of the shimmer shades looked nearly identical too which was kind of annoying. The matte shades were pretty pigmented and easy to blend but the shimmer shades I used has barely any pigmentation to them even with a wet brush… it seemed like I was applying loose glitter onto my lid even though it looked like a shimmer. This palette just annoyed me the more I used it as it was taking a lot of effort to build up the shades. The packaging felt very cheap to the point where it was squeaking so I don’t think it will hold up for very long before breaking.


The invisible setting powder I tried I am quite unsure about because it was very white in the packaging. I couldn’t tell if it was making my under eyes white or whether it was the concealer shade. I’m also not sure if it has any flashback so I may have to try it with a concealer that I like to see if it does make my under eyes white or have flashback…

I’m also unsure about the illuminating strobing powder because I am girl who loves an intense glow and this was far from it… in the pan it looked quite shimmery but when I swatched it I couldn’t really see any type of glow, it just looked quite powdery. On the face I could see a subtle glow but only just… if you are someone who likes a subtle glow then it’s nice but I’m not usually which is why I’m a little unsure about this product.

Overall I had so much fun testing out this new makeup brand and in all honesty I was expecting to dislike more products than I did but I’m pleased that the majority of products I liked. Let me know if you’re interested in trying this brand or have already come across it…

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post…
– Jessica x


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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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