Decluttering my makeup!! (again)

Hello babs! I know it was only a couple of months ago when I did my last decluttering but I’ve been going through my collection again and slowly building up another pile of products I want to declutter. Some of the things mentioned in this post have already been sold on my Depop (hence why I’ve had to use stock images). A lot of these products are things I no longer reach for or some of them just don’t work out for me for whatever reasons… If you’d like to see what I’m decluttering this time around then keep on reading!



eBay Loose Eyeshadow Pigments – I’ve had these for quite a while now and have just never gotten round to using them so no point keeping them as they take up storage space and after this long if I haven’t used them then I probably never will.
Revolution x MakeupbyTammi Tropical Paradise Palette – I think I’ve only used 1 or 2 shades out of this palette since having it. I tend to reach for my Soph palettes more so no point having this when theres similar shades in Soph’s palettes.
Boutique Burgundy Palette – I tested this out for a Youtube video and I did not get on with this in the slightest. The shimmers were barely even noticeable on the eye and the 3 matte shades in there didn’t really do much.
Sleek I-Divine Au Naturel Palette – I got this in a Glossybox but the shades didn’t really speak to me as they looked quite boring so I gave this to my mom instead to use for the occasions when she goes out.
3ina The Shadow Paint – I also received this in a Glossybox and have never used it as I don’t really use liquids on my eyes and even if I did I would probably never use this colour as I’m not brave enough to experiment.
Revolution Neutrals vs New Trals Palette – I bought this to use in a collaboration post for valentines and I only really used it that one time… other than that it has been sitting in my drawer. Because I have all the chocolate palettes there is no need for me to keep this if I’m not using it because I probably have all these shades in other palettes.
Primark Rose Quartz Palette – I bought this for a testing video and I only really used it that one time. The shadows were okay but they didn’t interest me much… plus I have lots of other eyeshadow palettes so I don’t really need this one if I’m not going to use it.



Revolution Liquid Highlighter: Liquid Champagne – I have been putting off decluttering this for the last 2 declutters thinking I will use it at some point and never have. I’m not really a liquid highlighter sort of girl as I can’t see to get them to look right on my skin. This is a lovely shade and very blinding but I’m just never going to use it.
Primark Pure Glow Highlighting Palette – I did really like this palette for a long time but after trying out lots of different highlighters since I kind of just stopped reaching for this.
Boutique Illuminating Strobing Powder – I bought this for a testing video and to be honest… this didn’t really do much for me. This is a very subtle highlight and thats not what I tend to go for so I thought it’s best to declutter it as I have lots of highlighters in my collection that I prefer more.



Pixi by Petra x ItsJudyTime Lip Palette – I thought this palette was going to be better than I thought but the shades didn’t have much pigmentation and I had to go in a lot of times to build it up to what I want. Because of that I just haven’t really reached for it at all.
Illamasqua Antimatte Lipstick: Energy – I got this in a Glossybox and have never used it because of the shade. I’m not into wearing bold colours on my lips apart from red and this is a bright purple so it will end up getting no use.



Revolution Ultimate Blush, Light & Contour Palette – I was obsessed with this for the longest time when I first started out in makeup but as I’ve developed I’ve kind of forgot about this palette. It takes up a lot of room so because I haven’t reached for it in over a year then I thought its about time I declutter it.
Primark Looking for Wonderland Face & Eye Palette – I bought this for a testing video and I did really like it. The packaging is pretty bulky and I only really wanted to keep it for collection purposes but thinking realistically I knew I’d never really reach for it again so the best option would be to declutter it.
I Heart Revolution Praline Face Palette – This is an exclusive out of the Chocolate Heart Gift Set but the colours inside just don’t seem like they would work for me. They are way too glittery and quite dark.
W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow Palette – I bought this to see if it was a dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury one and it is but because I own the Charlotte Tilbury one I thought there is no point keeping this as I use my CT one more. I have used this a few times but I’d pick the CT one over this one to use.
Revolution HD Pro Correct & Perfect Palette – I already own a Freedom colour correcting palette which I have used more and I don’t colour correct that often so I thought I only really need to keep one so I’ll keep the one I’ve used more out of.



Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick – I have used this a couple of times and I thought it was okay but I prefer to use a liquid foundation rather than a stick. I was reaching more for other foundations over this so thought I’d declutter it.
Boutique Moisturising Concealer – I bought this for a testing video and omg it is the worst concealer I have tried so far. The coverage was shockingly shear and it didn’t look good on the skin at all.
Laritzy Contour Stick – I got this is in a Glossybox and never used it. I rarely cream contour but I already own a cream contour palette and a contour stick so there was no point me keeping this when I have others to reach for when I decide to cream contour which is very rare.

That concludes this decluttering! I’m pleased with what I have decluttered as I always feel I hold onto things for no reason so being more cutthroat is needed as I do own a lot of makeup. I hope you enjoyed seeing what I decluttered 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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