Hello babs! Today I thought I would review a primer that I have been testing out for a little bit… and its the Honey Dew Me Up Primer from NYX. I picked this up 1. because I’d seen a lot of people on YouTube talking about this,  2. because the look and idea of the product intrigued me and 3. because the name gives me the idea that will help my dry skin. This primer did set me back £15 which is quite pricey for a primer in my opinion but I’ve been dying to try it out for the longest time. I bought mine from Boots but you can also get it directly from the NYX website.

This comes with 22ml / 0.776 fl oz of product in it.

“A gel primer infused with honey, gold flecks and collagen”



I really like the look of the packaging as it is very simplistic. The product comes in a clear glass bottle with a black plastic screw on lid. The name of the brand and the product is on the front of the bottle in black lettering. Attached to the lid inside is a square plastic spatula type applicator.


First impressions

From simply looking at the product I can honestly say it looks so pretty and I think it is because of the gold flecks running throughout haha! Anyway, just from reading about the product I was really intrigued about the fact that it has collagen as an ingredient. Collagen helps to promote glowing and vibrant skin as well as help with the elasticity and moisture (I need all of those things) so by having a primer that can do all those things made it a win for me straight away.

When I first opened the product to apply to my skin I noticed the consistency is literally like honey… you have to be careful as it can be quite stringy so just make sure you wipe off any excess stringiness. This product does have a noticeable scent to it but it does go away after a while so just bear that in mind if you are sensitive to scented products! Although the spatula applicator is quite small it does pick up quite a bit of product and you don’t need a lot of it on your skin because a little goes a long way… you will definitely get lots of use out of this before you even start to notice it running out. The product does look like it come out gold/yellow on the skin but in fact it comes out clear. The gold flecks also disappear once rubbed into the skin.

In terms of how it felt on the skin… this product feels like a wet gel that sinks into the skin very quickly and easily. It does give your skin a slight glow which is nice if you’re into a subtle glow under your foundation. It also feels very cooling and moisturising! To start with it does have a tackiness to it so if you are quick enough with your foundation then you’ll get it whilst its still drying. However, if you’re not into the tacky feeling then it will dry down completely and the tackiness does go away. My foundation applied very easily of this primer and lasted for a good while.

Final thoughts

I honestly think this will be my new go-to primer because I love how it feels on the skin and I love how my makeup applied over top. I definitely think this primer is good for dry, combination and oily skin because its not too moisturising that it will emphasise oils and it has the right amount of moisture in it to help with dry skin. After trying this out, I’m definitely not mad about paying the price I did because I do think it does a great job and is well worth the money!!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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