Morphe 25B BRONZED MOCHA Palette Review☕

Hello babs! I know I’m coming at you with another eyeshadow palette review but I really want to do this one because I’ve never owned or reviewed a Morphe palette before and plus it was a Christmas present so I definitely think it deserves it’s time to shine!! My best friend Sian kindly bought me the Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha palette for Christmas so I don’t know where she bought it from but I know you can get it on Morphe UK and Cult Beauty for £19. Lets get into the review shall we because I am dead excited for this one (eeeek)

The palette contains 40g/1.41oz of product. The equals to around 1.6g/0.056oz of product in each eyeshadow pan.



The eyeshadows come in a matte black square plastic packaging. The name of the brand is in white lettering in the centre on the front of the packaging. The name of the palette is on a little sticker in the right hand corner on the back of the packaging. The palette flips open and has a click shut mechanism. The palette doesn’t have a mirror inside, instead it has #MORPHEBABE written in the centre (personally I would have liked a mirror as there is enough space to accommodate for one and everyone loves a mirror in a palette). It also comes with a plastic removable sheet which has the shade names written on.

First impressions

I like the sleek look of the packaging, however it can get quite grubby with finger marks due to it being a matte texture but they can easily be removed with a wipe. There is a slight scent to the eyeshadows but you can only really notice it if you put your nose very close to the shadows, otherwise you can’t really smell anything.

From first look at the shades I definitely think this is my sort of palette because I love neutral shades that I can wear everyday but also utilise for evening makeup. I like how this palette has a nice mix of warm and cool shades, I typically go for warm tones only so by having some cool in the palette as well encourages me to use more cool tones in my looks. You have pretty much everything you need in this palette so I definitely think this palette would be good to take travelling as you have lots of mattes to use and a good number of shimmers also. There are some shades which look quite similar in the pan but they do have a slight difference on the eyes.

In terms of application, blendability and pigmentation, I would say that overall this palette is very good! The majority of the shades were very creamy and pigmented when swatched. The only shade I really had to work with was the shade called ‘Effort’ (quite a fitting name seen as I had to build up the pigmentation like 3 times) but apart from that shade the others had great payoff and blended very nice on the eyes. The shimmers have a really nice creamy almost foil-like formula which do work well but I think they have the best payoff when used with a damp brush or your finger. These eyeshadows also have good lasting power on the eyes which I thought they would anyway because they were a pain to wipe off my arm after doing swatches haha!


Disclaimer: Don’t always rely on swatches of shadows because sometimes they perform better on the eyes than they do in the swatches or vice versa… I just like to show swatches so you get an idea on what the colours look like.

(Without and with flash)

Shy – This is cream matte shade which could be good to use to set an eyelid primer/base. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Waffle – This is a light orange brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Image – This is a cool toned ashy brown matte shade which could be good to use as a transition shade in the crease. Pigmentation 3/5.
Truth – This is a light orange matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Speechless – This is a terracotta orange matte shade which is slightly similar to ‘Center’. Pigmentation 3.5/5.

Center – This is a terracotta orange matte shade which is slightly similar to ‘Speechless’. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Seek – This is a cool toned ashy brown matte shade which is slightly similar to ‘Talk’. Pigmentation 4/5.
Talk – This is a cool toned ashy brown matte shade which is slightly similar to ‘Seek’. Pigmentation 4/5.
Iphase – This is a muddy brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Better – This is a brick reddy brown matte shade. It looks like it has glitter running thought it in the pan but this does not show up on the eyes. Pigmentation 3.5/5.

Topaz – This is an orange gold shimmer. Pigmentation 4.5/5.
Character – This is a champagne shimmer. Pigmentation 5/5.
Sparkle – This is a bronzy red shimmer. Pigmentation 5/5.
Marnie – This is a deep brown shimmer. Pigmentation 5/5.
Eden – This is an orange brown shimmer. Pigmentation 4.5/5.

Most – This is a chocolate brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Sharp – This is a fiery reddy brown shimmer. Pigmentation 5/5.
Bots – This is a brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Quake – This a reddy brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Access – This is a cool tones purple matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.

Workie – This is deep purple matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Double – This is a purple toned brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Space – This is a rich brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Thief – This is a plum purple matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Effort – Not sure whether this is supposed to be a black or not. Pigmentation 2/5.

Final thoughts…

Overall, I am really digging this palette! I have been reaching for it the last few times I have done by makeup and have really enjoyed how my eyeshadow has turned out. There are a few shades which look similar but overall I really like the shade range in this palette as you have a mix of cool and warm tones. Pigmentation is overall good bar one of the shades and they have great blendability. I’m not sure why I haven’t tried out Moprhe eyeshadows sooner… but I definitely think I want to try out more now!! If you’re into a nice neutral palette that you will get lots of wear out of then I definitely recommend picking up this palette!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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4 thoughts on “Morphe 25B BRONZED MOCHA Palette Review☕

  1. Do u have tips on how to de-scent palettes that are similarly packaged to Morphe? I have a BH cosmetic palette where the glue smell is so strong. I can’t reach for the palette even though the color selection, pigmentation, and formula is great because of the overpowering fragrance


    1. Oh no, that sucks! Overly scented products can be so hard to work with and it’s sad when you love a product but can’t use it☹ there’s not really much research about de-scenting makeup products apart from leaving them open for a while. However in majority of cases that only makes a minor difference and the downside is that is it open for a long period of time to bacteria in the air which isn’t good for makeup. So at the moment my answer would be that we haven’t found out how to de-scent makeup yet… hopefully brands stop putting scents in and that would then solve all our problems. Sorry I couldn’t help further!

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