January 2019 Makeup Releases.. YAS OR PASS?

Hello babs! Today I’m coming at you with a slightly different post… I’m going to be talking about some of the new makeup releases for January 2019. I am going to be talking about whether I would personally buy the products or pass on them and give my reasons for doing so. (I’m on a spending ban at the moment due to saving money for driving lessons so even if I do say ‘yes’, I won’t be able to purchase them for a while haha).

So if you’d like to see what new makeup has been released and my thoughts on them then be sure to keep on reading 🙂

1. Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Concealer (£19 on Harvey Nichols) YAS! I feel like concealer is my new thing in makeup which I love testing out so although this is a little pricey for what I’d pay for a concealer… I do think I would really like to test it out. I haven’t tried anything else out from Fenty Beauty but this is on my list of makeup to try. I’d have to read some more reviews first but from what I’ve heard it’s meant to be really good.


2. Kat Von D Kitten Mini Shade + Light Contour Duo ($23 on Kat Von D Beauty – currently not available on UK websites) – YAS? Now I’m a little on the fence with this one due to all the controversy surrounding Kat Von D… I never invested in the Shade + Light palette even though I was eyeing it up for a long time but I didn’t want to spend the money on it. I definitely think I’d get more use out of the mini duo so I want to YAS to the product but maybe PASS just down to the controversy…


3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Lunar New Year ($38 on Becca Cosmetics – currently not available on UK websites) – PASS! I’m passing on this one due to the shade of the highlighter. I really like the pig that has been embossed on the highlighter but I don’t tend to go for pink toned highlighters on my skin. It’s a nice little idea but the shade is just not for me.


4. Milani Cosmetics Conceal + Perfect Longwear Concealer ($8.99 on Milani Cosmetics – currently not available on UK websites) – YAS! I absolutely loved the Conceal + Perfect Foundation so I would definitely be up for trying out this concealer. Like I mentioned, concealer is the new thing for me that I love trying out so I’m interested to see if I’d love it as much as I did the foundation. The price point is also really good for a concealer as well in my opinion.

screen shot 2019-01-12 at 10.14.53

5. ColorPop Mesmerize Blur Lux Lipstick ($7 on ColorPop – taxes are added to checkout now for those in the UK) – YAS! I have heard a lot of good things about ColorPop products, especially their lip products so this would definitely be one I’d like to try out. The shade range looks bomb and the price point is really good in my opinion for a lipstick. I’d be more prone to trying ColorPop products now due to the fact they now add on the customs at checkout instead of having to pay them afterwards.


6. Lime Crime Venus XL II Palette ($58 on Lime Crime – currently not available on UK websites) – PASS! I have never tried Lime Crime products before but the shade range in this palette looks very boring to me. The price point also is very steep in my opinion, I’d only buy a palette at that price if I am obsessed with how it looks. I haven’t heard many reviews about the other Venus palettes so I wouldn’t want to risk it but I’m passing overall due to the shade range.


7. Revolution Loose Baking Powder in Translucent (£5 on Superdrug) – YAS! I am always on the hunt for a new loose powder so I am loving the fact that Revolution have released more shades to this range and now have a translucent one! I wouldn’t mind paying the price for it either as I think it’s very reasonable for a loose powder. Revolution as a brand are my favourite as well so would definitely want to try it out.


8. e.l.f Cosmetics 16HR Camo Concealer ($5 on Ultra Beauty – currently not available on UK websites) YAS? I think I would like to try this out as I love trying out new concealers but just from looking at shades online… the lighter shades look very grey… If it comes to a store near me then I’ll definitely go and swatch it and see but I’m a little on the fence at the moment. I probably will try it out as the price is really good but the shades online is what is putting me off…


That concludes this blog post for today. I hope you enjoyed as it was a little something different for a change. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my decisions and why as I’d love to hear your thoughts about some of the new releases for this month!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x



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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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