Benefit BAD GAL BANG! Mascara Review

Hello babs! Today I’m going to be talking about a product that I have had in my collection for a while but have never got round to reviewing on my blog… it’s the Bad Gal Bang Mascara from Benefit and the reason I haven’t got round to reviewing it is because I wasn’t using it for a while due to wanting it to dry out a little bit. You can pick this mascara up from quite a few different websites such as John Lewis, Debenhams, Boots, Cult Beauty and Benefit Cosmetics for £22. There was a lot of hype around this product before it was released so that was the main reason for buying it so lets see if its worth that hype then??

You get 8.5g/0.3oz of product in this mascara.



The mascara comes in a plastic matte black packaging and the lid has almost a rubbery texture to it. On the lid there are small spikes sticking out all around it. The name of the brand is in pink lettering and the name of the product is in pink and silver lettering on one side of the bottle. The lid screws on and clicks shut when completely closed.


First impressions

I really like the look of the packaging but just bear in mind that because it is matte, the packaging will get dirty and grubby quite easily and quite quickly. The mascara has a normal mascara scent to it but it is hardly noticeable unless you put your nose quite close to the product. I like how thin the wand is and that is quite flexible, meaning it does bend. This is good for getting in close to the lashes!

Now in terms of formula… to begin with I found this product to be quite wet and easily transferable both on top and underneath the eyes. It did take a while to dry down so I had to be careful whilst it was drying so that it didn’t transfer. A lot of people found the formula to be quite wet so advised to not use it so that it could dry out. I’ve had my mascara for a fair few months now without using it and I still think the formula slightly wet, not as wet as before but there hasn’t been much difference in terms of it drying out. I do feel that it still transfers easily if I’m not careful.

However, on the eyes it does add some nice volume and I think thats down to the fact that the mascara does have a clumpiness to it. I found it a little hard to sit nice on the lashes because this is just a little too clumpy for me to work with. It does add a nice little bit of length to my lashes also and makes them look very black. I’d say this is more volumising than it is lengthening.


Without and with mascara applied

Final thoughts…

Overall I have to say that I’m not jumping through hoops for this mascara… I still feel that my Roller Lash and Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara has my heart. If this ran out, I don’t think I would repurchase it again. It’s not the worst mascara I’ve tried but I just found this difficult to work with and even trying to leave it to dry out didn’t do much for it. If you don’t mind a wet mascara formula that has some clumpiness to it then I think you would probably like this mascara. I just feel that whenever I wear it, it transfers almost every time and takes a while for me to try and get some of the clumpiness off my lashes. It’s not my favourite and to be honest I don’t really see why there was such a hype about it… (Sorry for such a negative review guys, I hate being negative it sucks)

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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