Revolution JELLY Highlighter Review✨

Hello babs! Today I’m going to be reviewing a highlighter which I am very sceptical about because I know I don’t get along with liquid highlighters but this highlighter is in fact a jelly… so my mind is therefore telling me that I probably won’t get along with this either… The jelly highlighter is from Revolution Jewel collection in the shade Prestigious. I got mine free in a goody bag from a Revolution event but you can get this from Revolution Beauty and Superdrug for £6. A jelly highlighter just seems so bizarre but if you’re interested in this then keep on reading…



The jelly highlighter comes in a square glass packaging with a square plastic lid. The packaging does feel quite weighty and chunky. The lid of the product is sparkly rose gold with the name of the brand in black lettering. You can see the shade through the glass packaging. The lid screws on and off and inside there is a protect cover which you can take on and off.

The highlighter!!!!



The highlighter does have a scent to it but it’s nothing overpowering! This highlighter is very pink which isn’t my favourite shade to wear in all honesty. The formula of this product is very bizarre, it literally has a jelly consistency. The product does feel a little sticky and chunky to begin with but blends out very smoothly on the skin. (Now I’m not very good at making anything other then powders work so I’m not sure if I applied this right to the skin)… I used my fingers to dab the product into my skin, it did look a little harsh to begin with so I then proceeded to blend out the edges softly with my fingers. You do have to work quite a bit to get this to look good on the skin otherwise you can literally see where you’ve applied it which is not so good. Once blended into the skin it does look nice and smooth. This highlighter I would say is quite intense and gives your skin almost a wet look to it.

Final thoughts…

This is a very pretty highlighter but the shade just isn’t for me. I think I did manage to get this to work on my skin better than a liquid but I still prefer my powders over liquids/jellies so probably won’t reach hardly for this… If you’re someone who is into a liquid highlighter and wants a new formula to try then definitely pick this up as it is pretty. This is not a highlighter for those subtle, natural lovers so steer clear if you’re one of those people. If you like an intense/blinding highlighter then this is a nice one to look at.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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