I Heart Revolution BLUSHING HEARTS Triple Baked Blusher Review

Hello babs! Now if you read my other Blushing Hearts review (which you can see here) then you will know that I am not a fan of these… however, I received this in a mystery makeup bag so I thought I would review this one for you incase you were interested in the shade and so I could see if my opinion has changed or not as it has been nearly a year since the last review. Anyway, like I said I’ll be reviewing the I Heart Revolution Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in the shade Bursting with Love. You can get this on Revolution Beauty for £5.

This has 10g of product in it.



Like I said in the previous review, this packaging is the cutest!!!!!!!! The blusher comes in a heart-shaped cardboard box. The lid is a deep pink shade and the bottom is gold. The name of the brand and product is on written on the lid in shiny deep pink/purple lettering. The packaging is quite chunky though so it may take up quite some room in your storage or makeup bag so bear that in mind. The lid slides off and on very easily which is good as it’s not too fiddly to open up.

The blusher!!!!!

(Without and with flash)

I have individually swatched all the 3 shades and then I did a swatch of all the separate shades mixed together. The blusher is made up of a pale pink shade, a muted pink shade and a deep pink shade. When you mix all the shades together it does make a nice light flush of pink. The blusher does look slightly glittery in the box but when mixed altogether its not as glittery. I like this because I’m not a glittery blush sort of girl. I do really like the shade and the pigmentation is buildable so it is good for people who don’t like a ‘in your face’ blusher as it can be built up to the desired pigmentation.

Final thoughts…

I am quite pleasantly surprised actually because I immediately thought I wasn’t going to like it due to the last one I reviewed but actually this is not as glittery as the other one. I think I prefer this one more because it’s not as glittery and looks nice on the skin. The shade is nice, not one I normally go for but I do like how it looks on my skin. I definitely think it’s great for the price and it will definitely last you a while. If you’re like me and don’t like too much of a glittery blush then I’d suggest getting this one and not the other one I reviewed. I’d say to definitely check out the shade range for this collection as there may be one thats right up your street and for £5 you can’t really complain!

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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