I Heart Revolution GOLDEN BAR Palette Review💛🍫

Hello babs! It has been a hot minute since I’ve reviewed a chocolate bar palette on my blog… well today I’m coming at you with a review on the Golden Bar palette from I Heart Revolution. I have had this one for a looooong time, this is one of their older palettes as you’ll be able to see from the layout. I picked mine up from Superdrug for £8.99 and you can also get it on Revolution Beauty for £9. (Not sure why there is 1p difference…) This is an all shimmer palette.

There are 16 eyeshadows and the whole palette has 22g of product in it.



Like all the other palettes, the shadows come in a shiny brown plastic rectangular packaging. This one has a matte gold melted chocolate effect on the front. The palette flips open and inside it has a full size mirror. It has a click shut mechanism and there is a plastic removable sheet with the shade names printed on. There was also a double-ended sponge applicator inside but I threw mine out.

First impressions

Just like the other chocolate palettes, this one has a nice smell of chocolate, nothing too overpowering but bear that in mind if you are someone who is sensitive to scented products. This is an all shimmer palette so nothing something I would typically go for as I like my palettes to have a range of mattes and shimmers. This palette is nice to use in addition to another palette if you want a selection of shimmers to choose from to add to your looks. This is quite a neutral shimmer palette so it doesn’t have any crazy pops of colours in there. The shimmers overall were decent in pigmentation, there were a few that didn’t perform as expected but overall a very nice shimmer palette. There are a couple of shades in the palette which were more of foil-like shades compared to the ordinary shimmer formula. The shades perform nice on the eyes but I’d suggest using a wet brush or a finger to apply them with as that gives you more payoff on the eyes.


Disclaimer: Don’t always rely on swatches of shadows because sometimes they perform better on the eyes than they do in the swatches or vice versa… I just like to show swatches so you get an idea on what the colours look like.

(Without and with flash)

Collection – This is a silvery white shimmer which could be good to use as an inner corner or under the brow bone highlight. Pigmentation 4.5/5.
Ribbon – This is a pinky purple grey shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Edible – This is a light brown shimmer. Pigmentation 2/5.
Tablet – This is a bronzy brown shimmer. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Wrapped – This is a deep brown shimmer. Pigmentation 4/5.

Wrapper – This is an orange shimmer. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Foil – This is a light gold shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Golden – This is a deep orangy red foil-like shade. Pigmentation 5/5.
Bar – This is a brown shimmer. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Box – This is a khaki green shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Block – This is a deep purply brown shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5, slightly patchy.

Gift – This is a muted bronze shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Limited – This is a purply pink shimmer. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Cocoa – This is a deep red shimmer. Pigmentation 4.5/5.
Beans – This is an orangy brown shimmer. Pigmentation 3/5.
Chocolatier – This is a champagne shimmer which could be good to use as an inner corner or undertake brown highlight. Pigmentation 2.5/.5.

Final thoughts…

This isn’t a palette that I necessarily reach for but it’s nice to have in my collection just incase. I don’t reach for it purely because it is all shimmers and I prefer a mix of matte and shimmer in my palettes. If you want a palette that has all shimmers to use in addition to another palette then this would be a good purchase but if you’re not really into all shimmers then you won’t be missing much by not purchasing this palette. The shades are nice and overall work well but it’s not one I’d tell you to go and buy right away…

Thanks for reading!

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See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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