Primark LUSTRE LIPSTICK Review💄 90p Lipstick!!

Hello babs! Today I’m going to be reviewing one of the shades from the Primark Lustre Lipstick range. The shade I picked up was Toast which is a lovely nude shade and this was only 90p… 90p for a lipstick is absolutely crazy but I am not complaining, I love me a bargain. I picked mine up from my local Primark.


The lipstick comes in a plastic nude coloured bullet. The name of the brand and the product is in black lettering. The lid pops on and off and has a secure click shut mechanism. The lipstick twists up and down in the bullet.


First impressions

What I noticed straight away when applying this lipstick is the scent, the smell of this lipstick is INCREDIBLE, it has a quite a sweet smell. It is a little overpowering when it is close to the lips but once on the lips the smell goes away.

I also noticed that this shade comes off a lot lighter on the lips than what it looks like in the bullet. It is still a lovely nude shade, right up my street. If you’re going into your local Primark to pick one up then I would suggest testing the shades out on your hand first to see because mine was lighter on the lips than in the packaging.

The formula of this lipstick is very creamy which I think is what it is meant to be, these are not advertised as being matte so I’m sure they are supposed to stay creamy on the lips. Because of them being creamy and not matte, the only downside is that they aren’t very long-lasting, I do find that I have to reapply this quite a few times throughout the day as it can come off very easily. The lipstick has nice pigmentation but may need to be built up slightly at times. You can definitely feel that you are wearing a lipstick because of the creaminess of it. I would also recommend applying a lip balm before using this because even though it isn’t matte, it did emphasise the dryness on my lips quite a bit.

(Without and with)

Final thoughts…

For a 90p lipstick I really can’t complain about this. It’s definitely not the best lipstick out there for sure but for the price it does a damn good job!! If you’re into matte lipsticks then give this one a miss but if you like a lipstick which is creamy on the lips then this is the one for you. This is currently my favourite lipstick to use at the moment and it’s such a lovely nude shade. If you’re on the lookout for a new nude lipstick then definitely get down to your local Primark and see if they have this one.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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