Revolution GLOW REVOLUTION Illuminating Spray Review

Hello babs! I’m going to be reviewing quite a new release from Revolution and it is their Glow Revolution Illuminating Face and Body Spray in the shade Eternal Gold. This is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the Iconic London spray and I got mine for Christmas off my sister. You can get this on Superdrug, Revolution Beauty and Beauty Bay for £10.

This has 200ml / 6.76fl oz of product in this.



The spray comes in a plastic bottle which is see-through. The name of the brand and the product is in rose gold lettering on the see-through bottle. It has a big black plastic lid which pops on and off and underneath there is a small clear lid which also pops on and off (I like that there is 2 lids as makes the product more safe). Inside the bottle there is also a little ball which you can shake.



First impressions

From first impressions the bottle is pretty huge and before it is shaken it looks like a milky liquid. However, once I shook the bottle the gold particles inside mixed with the milky liquid to make a white gold liquid. The ball inside does make a little bit of noise when you are shaking it but that is to help activate the gold particles inside mix. Sometimes the ball gets stuck which means I have to shake the bottle a lot to try and get it free and moving (not sure why that happens).

The product doesn’t have a noticeable scent which is good for those of you who may be sensitive to scented products.

The mist of this spray is nice and fine so doesn’t spurt out too much in one go. It does give my skin a nice glow, however, when looking up close I did notice that it leaves little gold flecks/glitters on the skin. I’m not sure whether this happens all of the time but the few times I sprayed it it happened… They aren’t too noticeable from a far but up close definitely. I think next time I might try patting over my skin once I’ve sprayed with a beauty sponge to see if it gets rid of the gold flecks/glitters.

Final thoughts…

I feel like there is a lot of trial and error with this product and I definitely need to keep trying out. It does give my face a nice glow but I’m not sure whether it leaves those specks on my face all of the time. If you want to test it out then definitely give it a go as I think it is nice but there is just that one thing I am on the fence about… Is the product worth £10… I’m not 100% sure yet. I will continue to play around with and see but so far I do like it and do think it’s one to try out if you’re looking for an illuminating spray.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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