Brits 2019 MAKEUP Thoughts…

Hello babs! Today I’m going to be bringing you another post sharing my thoughts and opinions on some of the makeup looks the celebrities wore to the Brits for 2019.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way bashing or being negative out of spite.. I am just giving my opinions on what I like and think works well in a makeup look. I am in no way a makeup artist either so I don’t know the ins and outs of makeup… everyone has their opinions so although you may not agree with me, it’s just a little fun so please don’t feel offended 🙂

1. PINK – I think her skin looks nice and bronzed, however there is just a tad too much blush on her cheeks. Her eyebrows have some nice definition to them. I like the glossy lip but I think the outer corner on her eyes is a tad too smokey.


2. DUA LIPA – Her skin looks so healthy and glowy but her eyebrows are just a tad too thick for me. Her cheeks look SNATCHED with the contour/bronzer that was used and I like the glossy lip which looks like its been put over her bare lip colour. I like the colour that she has on her eyes but the lashes look a little spikey.


3. ANNE MARIE – Her skin looks healthy and glowy but the colour of the blush looks a tad too much on her cheeks. The eyebrows have a nice ombre effect to them with just the right amount of definition. I like the natural eye look she has going on with the soft pink tones, compliments her glossy lip lovely.


4. PERRIE EDWARDS – I think her skin looks incredible and her cheek bones are SNATCHED! I love the contour/bronzer shade she has going on. Her eyebrows look slightly messy and too bushy for my liking. The nude lip compliments the bronzed skin nicely and I like the subtle eye look she has going on, it all ties together so well.


5. JESY NELSON – Her skin looks healthy and bronzed. The contour and blush blend so nicely together making her cheekbones look SNATCHED. The eyebrows have nice definition to them and I like the subtle yet smokey sort of eye look she has going on. The colour on the lid compliments the lip colour lovely and I love the slight smokiness on the bottom lash line. You can definitely see that her lips have been outlined, I would have liked it a little more blended but overall her lips look nice and full.


6. NATALIE DORMER – Her skin looks healthy but I think she looks slightly washed out… the bronzer just about helps with it. Her eyebrows have nice definition to them and I like the brown smokey eye she has going on. I like the ombre kinda lip she has going on also.

The BRIT Awards 2019 - Red Carpet Arrivals

7. JESS GLYNNE – I think her skin looks healthy and has a nice natural glow to it. Usually I wouldn’t pair a red lip with such a pale complexion but actually she manages to pull this off nicely as the shade isn’t too red. She has a nice touch of blush added to her cheeks and has a very soft brown eye look going on. I would like the eyebrows with a little more colour but they aren’t bad.


8. KELLY BROOK – I think her skin looks like absolute perfection. It looks healthy, has a nice natural glow to it and look lovely and bronzed. The eyelashes are a little too spikey in my opinion. Her eyebrows have nice definition to them and I think the lip colour compliments her skin really well.


Well that concludes this blog post for today, again I had a lot of fun doing it so I really hope you enjoyed it too

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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Hey! I'm Jessica, a 22 year old Primary Education student who has an unhealthy addiction to buying makeup.

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