Nip+Fab BLUSHER Palette Review

Hello babs! I’m going to be reviewing a blusher palette that I have been using for quite some time now. It’s the Nip+Fab 01 Blushed Blusher palette which I actually got in a Black Friday bundle about 2 years ago… I am a blusher type of gal so when I got this in the bundle I was buzzing to try it out. Although I got mine in a set, you can get it individually on Superdrug and the Nip+Fab website for £10.95. That is a little pricey in my opinion for a drugstore blush palette but each to their own.

There is 15.2g / 0.5oz of product in this.



The blushers come in a square plastic packaging. The front of the palette is see-through but is has the name of the brand and product in white lettering on it. The names of the shades are on the back of the palette on a sticker. The palette flips open and has a secure click shut mechanism.

The blushers!!!!

Flamingo – This is a light pink blush.
Cocktail – This is a pink peach blush.
Whisper – This is an orange peach blush.
Velvet – This is a mauve blush.

There is a slight scent to this palette but nothing too noticeable unless you stick your nose right into the blushers haha! The blushers do have good pigmentation but I do feel these are very nice and buildable on the skin. Nothing too in your face and nothing too subtle either! I like the shade selection, very up my street, nice natural colours which you could wear on an everyday basis or for an evening look. All of the blushes have a slight sheen to them but you can barely notice on the skin. If you like a matte blush then these would be fine to use but if you like a bit of a sheen then again these would be good to use. If you’re into a shimmery blush then this probably won’t do the job for you.

Final thoughts…

I do really like this blusher palette and it is definitely my favourite out of all the blushers I own. I think it’s a little pricey but it is a decent palette. If I were to buy this again then I don’t think I’d mind spending the £10.95… As I mentioned before, if you’re into matte or slight sheen blushes then I highly recommend this palette! However, if you’re into more shimmery/glittery blushes then I’d say to give this one a miss.

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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