Revolution Pro EYEBROW CUSHION Review

Hello babs! I haven’t reviewed a brow product in over a year so I thought I’d kick things back off by reviewing the Revolution Pro Eyebrow Cushion in the shade Soft Brown. I’ve had this for quite some time now and have played around with it… however I can’t remember where I got it from, I think it might have been the Revolution Beauty website. I know it’s available on there for £5 and its also available on Superdrug for £2.50 (Not sure why it’s half price on there but hey ho). I believe this is also supposedly a dupe for the Iconic London Brow Cushion but I can’t say for definite as I don’t have the Iconic one to compare…

There is 2.2g / 0.07oz of product in this.



The product comes in a little circular plastic packaging. It does seem a little chunky but I think that’s because of the cushion inside. The name of the brand and product is in white lettering on the front of the packaging on the black part of the sticker. The shade name is also in white lettering on the front of the product but it’s on the brown part of the sticker. The palette flips open and has a click shut mechanism. Inside you do get a handy little mirror and the cushion of the product is covered by a black plastic flap which flips open and clicks shut.


First impressions

The product doesn’t have a noticeable scent which is good for those people who may be sensitive to scented products.

Honestly I was so buzzed to try out this product to begin with because I loved the idea of something different for a brow product. I was really intrigued to test out the whole cushion idea. Now I’m not sure if mine was a dud or not but I feel like I couldn’t get hardly any product out of this… when I squeezed the cushion down with my brush barely anything came onto the brush. I even flipped open the cushion inside to see if the product was all on the bottom and even then there was hardly anything coming out. I had a look under the cushion completely and couldn’t really see much product so I’m not sure if they are all like that or if it’s just mine…

The product that I did manage to get out on the brush did have okay pigmentation, I feel like I had to dip back in a lot to get my brows to look how I wanted them to. The product didn’t seem to spread much over my brow hence why I had to keep dipping back in. The colour was a good match for me but I feel like it took longer to fill out my brows using this product than it normally would with any other brow product I own… My brows did look good when I finally got to the end result but it took up so much time and patience.


(Without and with)

Final thoughts…

I am not a huge fan of this product in all honesty which is so disappointing because I really wanted to love it. I have no idea whether mine is a dud or not but I’m not sure whether I’m willing to take the risk by buying another one…. Although it says there is 2.2g of product in this I’m not entirely convinced… I thought I might be all soaked up into the cushion but even when I was pressing it down as hard as I could all over the sponge barely anything was coming out on the brush. If you don’t mind taking the time on your brows then maybe give this a go but personally it just tested too much of my patience.

Let me know if you have had the same problem if you own one? I want to recommend it because it does seem like it has the potential to be good but due to the problems I had with mine I’m not sure whether to recommend it to try or not…

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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