I Heart Revolution RED VELVET Palette Review🍫

Hello babs! I’m going to be reviewing yet another palette out of the chocolate bar collection from I Heart Revolution. The one were going to be talking about today is the Red Velvet palette and originally I picked this up from the Chocolate Heart gift set from Christmas last year as it was exclusive to that but they have just released this on its own! You can pick this up from Revolution Beauty for £9.00. This is a very interesting palette and has a quite a unique shade selection which you will see if you keep on reading…

There are 18 eyeshadows in this palette and overall the palette has 18g / 0.63oz of product in it. This palette is cruelty-free and vegan.



The eyeshadows come in a shiny red plastic rectangular packaging. It has a shiny white 3D melted chocolate effect on the front. The palette flips open and inside it has a full size mirror. It has a click shut mechanism and the shade names are printed on the palette underneath each individual shade.

First impressions

Just like the majority of the other chocolate bar palettes, this one also has a chocolate scent to it. Its nothing too overpowering but just bear that in mind if you are someone who is sensitive to scented products.

When I first opened the palette I was quite intrigued by the shade selection as there are quite a few different interesting and unique shades. From first glance I thought that its not usually a palette that I would typically go for because of the shade selection. I think I’d find it quite hard to use to create a look because I’m not very creative and because of all the different shades. I think if you’re experienced and know what you’re doing then you’d probably find this palette fun and easy to use.

What I like about the palette is that there is more mattes than shimmers, I prefer my palettes to have more mattes in as I tend to use more mattes in my looks than I do shimmers so I like to have many options to choose from. I love the duo-chrome shade that is in the palette as well as the pop of pink. However, before doing a review on this palette I had only swatched the pink once before and it swatched lovely… Swatching it this time around didn’t work very good at all. It looks as though there is a barrier formed on the top (not sure how) and I really had to dig in the pan to get anything on my finger. (Surely the eyeshadow shouldn’t go like that just after one swatch, I haven’t even used it on my eyes either…?)


In terms of pigmentation, overall the eyeshadows performed very well apart from the pink which I just mentioned. I think the mattes and shimmers mostly performed on par with each other apart from the duo-chrome and the champagne white shade. They also blend nicely with each other and work well on the eyes.


Disclaimer: Don’t always rely on swatches of shadows because sometimes they perform better on the eyes than they do in the swatches or vice versa… I just like to show swatches so you get an idea on what the colours look like.

(Without and with flash)


Crumbs – This is a brick red matte shade. Pigmentation 4/5.
Treat – This is an orange matte shade. Pigmentation 4/5.
Lush – This is a deep brown foil like shade. Pigmentation 5/5.
Frosting – This is a white purple duo-chrome shimmer. Pigmentation 2.5/5.
Caramelize – This is a mustard yellow matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Patisserie – This is a reddish orange matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.


Brown Sugar – This is an orange gold foil like shade. Pigmentation 5/5.
Baked – This is a reddish brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Cream Cheese – This is a white matte shade which could be good to use to set an eyelid primer/base. It can also be used as an inner corner or under the brow highlight. Pigmentation 3/5.
Decadent – This is a peachy orange foil like shade (very interesting shade). Pigmentation 5/5.
Chocolate – This is a deep brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3/5.
Beetroot – This is a bright hot pink matte shade. Took a lot to build up the pigmentation, pigmentation without build up 1/5 and pigmentation with build up 3/5 as quite patchy.


Blend – This is a pumpkin orange matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Cupcake – This is a bright orange shimmer (another very interesting shade). Pigmentation 4.5/5.
Infuse – This is a berry pink matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Bitter – This is a deep brown matte shade. Pigmentation 3.5/5.
Sweet – This is a champagne white shimmer which could be good to use as an inner corner or under the brow highlight. Pigmentation 3/5.
Red Velvet – This is a red shimmer. Pigmentation 3.5/5.

Final thoughts…

I really like the idea and shade selection of this palette, however I don’t think it will be one I get much use out of just because I’m not very creative. If you know what you’re doing and are experienced doing eye looks then I’m sure this would be a fun one to use. The only thing that put me off this palette was how the pink shade performed, it worked great when I swatched it for the first time but this time around it was just terrible and took so much building up. Hopefully it doesn’t happen in all of the palettes as it looks like such a fun colour to use! I think it is a good palette for the price and if you don’t mind taking the risk with the pink shade then this would be a nice palette to pick up as its so unique and interesting!

Thanks for reading!

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See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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