Cannes Film Festival 2019 MAKEUP Thoughts…

Hello babs! Today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on some of the makeup looks from the Cannes Film Festival for 2019. A lot of celebrities had numerous makeup looks so I have just chosen the ones which really stood out to me to comment on.

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way bashing or being negative out of spite.. I am just giving my opinions on what I like and think works well in a makeup look. I am in no way a makeup artist either so I don’t know the ins and outs of makeup… everyone has their opinions so although you may not agree with me, it’s just a little fun so please don’t feel offended 🙂

1. AMBER HEARD – Her skin looks super healthy and glowy. I really like how her lip colour compliments the colour of her outfit and her earrings! I’m not sure if they’re her actual freckles or faux freckles but either way I really like them. The touch of blush and the subtle red eye look compliments the lip colour really well, I just think the lashes look quite heavy and too bold. Her eyebrows have some nice definition to them yet still look quite fluffy.


2. SELENA GOMEZ – I think her skin looks flawless but a little too matte in my opinion… I love how she has a subtle eye look paired with a lovely bold red lip. However, I’m just not sure on the winged liner, I don’t think helps with her eye shape… She has such a lovely eyebrow shape and they are really nice and defined! I feel like she could have had a bit more glow to her skin…


3. ELLE FANNING – This natural look is really nice on Elle, she looks very feminine! The subtle blush pairs well with the nude lip colour and the simple eye look. I like how you can see a slight touch of glitter on her eye lids. Her eyebrows are a lovely shape, fluffy and nicely defined, however I feel they could have been tidied up just a little bit towards the tail…


4. DAKOTA FANNING – Another natural look which looks really nice on Dakota, she looks very feminine! Her skin looks so radiant and healthy and I love the subtle pink blush she has going on which compliments her pink lip lovely. Just like her sister, she has a really good eyebrow shape and look much neater and defined. Her eyelids are bare but the touch of mascara really helps bring out her eye colour.


5. BELLA HADID – Can we just talk about her incredible sculpted cheekbones, omg?!?!? Her skin looks so flawless and the bronzer really brings out her incredible facial structure! I feel like her eyebrows could have been a little more filled in, however they are such a lovely shape and nice and fluffy. The subtle neutral eye look she has really compliments the bronzer and nude lip well. The lashes go really well with the eye look as well as they are so nice and fluttery.


6. PRIYANKA CHOPRA – Her skin looks so healthy and flawless with slight sculptured cheekbones. Her eyebrows are incredible, lovely definition and I love how they ombre towards the front. I’m not sure on the graphic liner as you can’t really see much of it but from what you can see it adds a nice little touch. I love the mauve pink she has on her lips, I think it really finishes off the look nicely!


7. MARGOT ROBBIE – Another very natural look going on which I think really suits Margot! Her eyebrows have nice definition but again I think they need to be tidied up a little more towards the tail of the brow. The slight touch of blush on her cheeks really compliments the nude pink lip. Not much going on with the eyes but the touch of mascara really brings out her eye colour.


8. HELEN MIRREN – For an older woman her skin still looks incredible, so healthy and glowy! The slight touch of blush really compliments the pink lip she has going on. Her eyebrows have lovely definition to them and although she doesn’t have much eyelid space, she has really pulled off adding some definition to her eyes!


9. SHAILENE WOODLEY – Her skin looks healthy, glowy and bronzed! I really like that the statement of her look is the bold coral lipstick. She has nothing on her eyes apart from mascara but again it really helps to make her eyes pop! Her eyebrows have good definition to them but again I think they could have been tidied up slightly towards the tail.


10. EVA LONGORIA – Her skin looks so healthy and glowy! I like the neutral brown eye look she has going on and I think the nude glossy lip compliments it really well. She has a lovely shape to her eyebrows and they have good definition to them. The slight touch of blush also compliments the lip colour as well.


Well that concludes this blog post for today, again I had a lot of fun doing it so I really hope you enjoyed it too 🙂

Thanks for reading!

See you in my next post... - Jessica x


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